Essay Sample on 6 Steps to Achieve Successful Stakeholder Management

Published: 2023-09-13
Essay Sample on 6 Steps to Achieve Successful Stakeholder Management
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Stakeholder Management implies to the exercise undertaken by project managers of monitoring, organizing and establishing good relationships with the stakeholders. The process incorporates stakeholder identification, analysis of their expectations and needs, planning as well as implementing tasks to involve them. To accomplish excellent stakeholder management, Block came up with a framework that involves six steps. They include; evaluation of the environment, principal actors’ goals identification, personal evaluation, problem identification, develop solutions and refine and test the solutions (Pinto, 2019). The study is thus limited and focused on illustrating Block's six steps to the effective management of the stakeholders.

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Evaluation of the Environment

For any project, the first step before it commences should be to evaluate the nature of the environment. What is the impact of the project? Will the proposed project be of significant such that it gets to attract a lot of people, or will it be of low key? Identifying the customer’s expectation aid the project manager get to design something that will interest a large number of consumers, not just a few (Pinto, 2019).

Principal Actors’ Goals Identification

In this step, the project manager is to identify the goals of their crucial members in the project. The process aid in spotting any hidden agendas that any member may have then defusing any adverse reaction. The manager identifies the various needs and concerns of the stakeholders to ensure all are taken care of before commencing the project (Pinto, 2019). However, after all, is taken into considerations, successful implementation of the project gets thus expected.

Personal Evaluation

In this step, the project manager should try and identify the weaknesses and strengths that the project team has. Their opportunities for ensuring the project gets implemented accordingly is also taken into considerations (Pinto, 2019). Various capabilities and external support get also evaluated to determine their exact position. In case a team finds various weakness, it is advisable to seek for a solution to get helped.

Problem Identification

In this step, all problems that may be present within the team or in other parties get identified—defining problems that may arise at any level aid in strengthening the bond between the project members and the stakeholders (Pinto, 2019). Problems should get correctly identified to aid in finding practical solutions.

Develop Solutions

In this step, a specific action plan gets created to address the various needs of the stakeholders and those of the project team members. The political process gets managed in this step, and the expected reactions from multiple groups get identified. The more a group gets satisfied with the given solution determines the success of the project (Pinto, 2019).

Refine and Test of the Solutions

The refine and test of the solution step marks the last in the stakeholder management process. The project team members need to accept that they are working shy of imperfect information. A test of the stakeholders’ reaction gets done, and corrections get done. The project manager undertakes a vital self-assessment (Pinto, 2019). Appropriate corrections and diagnoses get taken; thus, the step should be very flexible.


The above illustrations depict the various steps suggested by Block to achieve success in every project implementation. Project managers play a vital role in projects, and for them to ensure an excellent relationship gets established with the stakeholders, the above six steps should get implemented.


Pinto, J. K. (2019). Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage 4th Edition Solutions Manual Pinto.

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