Presentation Outline Assignment: Health and Wellness of Society

Published: 2022-05-20
Presentation Outline Assignment: Health and Wellness of Society
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It is everyone's happiness in society to be holistically healthy and well. Wellness is more than just being healthy but involves some aspects. These aspects include mental and emotional well-being, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.

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These aspects help people to reach and maintain their potentials and contribute to their communities. Health and wellness influence the society in various ways, for instance, an unwell or sick person is not productive to the society and to some extent such a person is viewed as a burden to the society (Bailey, & Dougherty, 2014).

A lot of social and cultural practices also have adverse effects on the individuals' wellbeing. In some societies around, people judge others by their body type and sizes. For example, when one appears slender, it is viewed as if he/she is mull-nourished, and this is not healthy for the community's development.

In this society, being fat is usually associated with obesity, and this is not pleasing to the considerable proportion of individuals in this culture. Nursing has a lot of influence on the health and wellbeing of the community. Primarily, the health practitioner has a vast responsibility to educate the community on the spread, outbreak and prevention of various diseases, and to aid and support to the victims of the circumstance.

Negative and Positive Aspects of Technologies

Technology affects health in many aspects and this comes through the type of food people take. some food is full of chemicals and such chemicals come as results of emerging issues in food manufacturing industries that fabricate food using chemicals that would be side effects to human health.

On the other hand, technology can be only as good as an individual programming it as well as the medical human resources who make good use of it. A health caregiver who relies also greatly on technology might spend a very little moment getting to be acquainted with the patient as a person, and very much moment interacting with tools. For instance, there is a threat that they might fail to spot a symptom which does not plunge into the white and black parameters of the medical electronic record. As such, it comes with emerging issues in technology that would need immediate remedies to be used in a formidable manner within scope and disposal of a human being especially where their health has more interests (Bailey & Dougherty, 2014).

Consequently, some health and wellness issues affect the society, for instance, obesity. As described by various scholars, obesity is when there is excessive fat in the human body; thus a lot of technological processes are life-saving however everyone has its danger for the patient especially those with obesity. For instance, when one undergoes radiation therapy, surgical procedures and chemotherapy could provide gains although would lead to negative effects. But as such has long been factual with any medicinal process since even easy aspirin could be used unsuitably; but technology ought to at all times be appraised for threat against reward (Little, 2017).


Some health and wellness issues affect the society, for instance, obesity. As described by various scholars, obesity is when there is excessive fat in the human body (Bailey, & Dougherty, 2014). Obesity is attributed to several causes such as genetic, lifestyles, and unhealthy diet and eating habits (Locke et al., 2015).

Obesity can occur at any age, from children to elderly persons. Majority of people who suffer from adverse obesity are likely to develop severe health troubles. Such health issues might engross sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and the Type 2 Diabetes among many more others.

Concerning nursing profession, this topic can be of much interest to community members since it can help them understand the right preventive measures against obesity. When one suffers from obesity his/her overall quality of life may be lessened to the point that he/she may not be able to do specific activities and even be discriminated by people of this culture.

An obese person may also be depressed, feel shamed and guilt (Parsons et al., 2015). When the larger society is educated on the prevention and health effects of obesity, the result will be pleasant, since most of these cases will be reduced immensely.


All is not lost since people can still be obese free, and this is possible if only they consider some issues. Whether a person is overweight or at risk to be fat, the following steps may help to avoid being a victim.

First, do workouts regularly at least 25- 40 minute daily to burn more calories and prevent any weight gain.

Second, develop a healthy eating plan that focuses on low-calorie consumption and eating of more fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid fatty and sugary foods.

Third, identify and avoid the food traps that make an individual eat and be in control of his/her eating habit.

Fourth, watch own weight often, one must weigh him/herself at least weekly to check if there is any progress in the use of intervention measure.

Finally, be consistent and persistence, focus on healthy weight plan continually and implement it accordingly.


To conclude, it is reasonable to create awareness and mobilize the community on the importance of these recommendations. This can be achieved by using different channels such as hospitals, health centers, community health facilities and units and community health nurses among others.

If anybody follows the recommendation above, he/she will never regret, since there will be no need to visit a doctor concerning the matters of obesity and its associated body disorders.


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