Love Without Boundaries - Essay Samples for You to Choose From

Published: 2018-04-27
Love Without Boundaries - Essay Samples for You to Choose From
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Love without boundaries: on own life experience

It is often said, love is blind, love has no boundaries, or limits. Well, love is deep, intense, and enduring. Individuals exemplify their true true emotion through the expression of love. People experience love from an innate nature, it is a strong affection and urge expressed by lovers for each other. Drawing from my life experience, love is a passionate experience that can make people cry, incur pain, or even risk their lives to salvage it. When love opens up, it springs from the deep of heart, it is like a burning fire and can hardly be quenched.

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My personal experience revealed the true nature of love. Well, while some may limit love two intimate individuals, love can take an extra step of religion, objects, and or animals. I was a victim of love and what I confirmed that love is a strong passion, love knows no gender, it does not have boundaries, it is not limited by age, color, race, or creed.

In my life, love took three different dimensions. Firstly, it was love for my pet, love God, and then love for my sweetheart. During my tender age, I had with me my dear and only friend that gave me consolation, “Simba,” my litte puppy. Since I was young, family and keeping of livesock was our daily activity. Now, my eder siblings used to school, and since we had a lot of cattle, I was trained how to look after them at the age of six. By then, our animals were friendly provided they had a lot of pasture and we had a large farm to cater for them.

It became a habit that I was the shepherd of such a huge herd that seemed to obey me unconditionally. From the age of seven, I was the official shepherd of our homestead, and subsequently, our village. One thing was clear that I had to look after the heard some distance from our family, which was a bit isolated. It was this time that I fell in love with my dog “Simba.” Because of the threat of wild birds and even small wild animals, I really trusted my friend “Simba” We became close friends such that we could share a meal on the plate. Villages were astonished at the type of intimacy I developed with the dog, but it really soothed me to walk around with the dog. Our relationships lasted until I finished my high school, joined college, then heard of painful news of the dead of my “Simba”. It was very uncertain.

I also remember when I had joined my college, the first thing to do was to encounter a lovely lady from a different tribe. Strangely, I was forbidden from marrying this lady because of the tribe. But we ended up moving together as strong partners for life. She is my strong partner and friend whom we are raising the family together

However, in all these experience, I realized that love was deep and is beyond the limits of our imagination.

Abstract love does not have boundaries

I think the statement reflects a context-free view of love. It isn’t even wrong; just meaningless (but with a whole lot of potential to be interpreted in ways that squick me).

Sure, maybe in the abstract love does not have boundaries. Maybe the boundaries necessary to maintain a healthy relationship are not, in and of themselves, a facet of love (though that seems to be rely on the inherent slipperiness of the word; you can define whatever you like as “really” love or “not really love”). If your love for someone or something is entirely abstract, I question the relevance of how you’re using the term.One of my partners once came up with a very pithy saying that I liked very much — “Love may have no boundaries, but relationships require them!

In the real world (where love takes place…), it seems like such a distinction is harder to maintain. Since we pretty clearly are talking about romantic love of the sort in intimate relationships, I think it’s reasonable to say that few people maintain that successfully without observing some kind of interpersonal boundaries. Boundaries are not bad things. There is a big difference between withholding honesty and clear, direct communication, and simply taking some time to process stuff internally or map one’s responses to the realities of your relationship.

On the contrary however, i try to imagine the term, “love has no boundaries” points out to the true meaning of love. It may mean it doesn’t matter how fast you fall in love with someone–“love has no boundaries”. Also, it may mean it doesn’t matter if your lover is 15 years younger than you–“love has no boundaries”. It means you shouldn’t be bothered about setting the limits or the “what-ifs” on your love for somebody. Love is love and if you feel its real, there’s absolutely no reason why you should question it or underestimate it.Love cannot be prevented. It might be rejected or denied, but it can still exist beyond these actions. It can also exist beyond the boundary of death. Love is not an action. It is a state of being.

The statement Love has no boundaries” may also be basically speaking about Agape Love…The God given love…the type of love that Jesus showed on the cross as he bled and died on the cross for human beings.

That’s the kind of love that we should show each day. Being able to sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love. Our love shouldn’t change whether it’s given and not returned. Love should be limitless and unconditional and should be given freely. (It shouldn’t be questionable you should go above and beyond if you truly LOVE someone.

Generally,the phrase is naive, regardless of whatever deep philosophies might back it. Why not present it in a deeper way if it truly is supposed to be deep? “Love may have boundaries, but only you can set them.” Not perfect, but something of that ilk at least.

Anyone that said things like this with any frequency would strike me as disingenuous and full of talk.

So in conclusion definitely the statement is true and wrong as far as one understands it at the first place.

The importance of love without boundaries

Have you ever thought of distances and languages that people talk to win on love? Maybe just travelling miles far away because of love? Perhaps sacrificing just because of this word called love? Love either has boundaries and also not bound to them. I ever was in a friendship. Friendship grew to a relationship. Relationship led to courtship. One step at a time,right? We grew together with the then my boyfriend. We travelled a lot. We ate together. Danced in the rain. Cooked meals together. He was so romantic. We let the love flow in us like water cutting through hard rocks in a river to reach its destination. It was real love least to speak. A little dance in the shower during taking a bath. I know you thinking of \ taking a shower together!\" Yes we did it (wink). Who doesn't love a romantic guy any way (chuckles). Our love was true definition of real love. I could peep into his pockets to get the little girlish coins for candies. We were so happy. I could steal his car and drive it. Coming home we start fighting with pillows. It was so sweet. We had no boundaries. He could request for my phone to play games or even reply to my messages. I never mind him doing it. His property was mine and vice versa too. We went for road trips and hikes. We did wild camping for fun. His friends were my friend and my friends were his and unto the family too I had a perfect guy right? I made jokes and we laughed out loud. We had no boundaries in our relationship. Love should not have boundaries. Relationship with boundaries does flow. It would not look like an essay that flows. Love with boundaries looks like an essay that has started with conclusion instead of an introduction. I am glad I found a person who we were swimming in the same boat. Ironically love with no boundaries makes one go overboard hence loosing the agenda of love. This in turn creates a room for disrespect in the relationship On the other hand love should also have boundaries. How I handle his friends is not the same as how I handle him. This brings about respect in the relationship. It created the little boundaries that should not be messed up with. \" When we go for a function kindly don't be laughing out loudly or rather bursting \" my boyfriend said. This would remind me not to burst out during his lunch out with the friends especially those with him in business. Boundaries also create the headlines of who's roles are to who. It redefined the direction in which our relationship was going. It reminded us that we should not overstep beyond our levels too. Boundaries sets up the vision mission and regulations of the relationship. On the other hand love with boundaries creates fear in one's heart hence no freedom in relationship.

All that said love with no boundaries is has more goodness in it than the one with boundaries. I in turn finally support that love should not have boundaries"

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