Air Pollution in The United States - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-05
Air Pollution in The United States - Essay Sample
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How does air pollution effect the environment

The Air pollution in USA

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As a result of technological developments the situation at the present time, led to the occurrence of pollution in the air, which is the main source of human survival on this life, however man is the main cause for this pollution, so we should follow all ways and means that lead to the reduction of the phenomenon of air pollution, which threatens the life of all organisms including human.

The causes of pollution in USA

There are a range of causes that lead to air pollution, namely: The smoke and gases rising from the factories and cars available abundantly in every place, the main reason in many of its developments of modern technology. Increase the percentage of cut human of trees and desertification. Rising from the factories, acids lead to damage in the forest. Of fuel escalating and the output from the means for heating is dependent on the types of fuel different.

Steps to reduce the pollution in USA

Pollution To reduce the problem of air pollution you must follow many steps and routes that lead to it, namely: Control and self-awareness and inner man, of the risks caused by air pollution on the human itself and the environment in which they live, and the mask, that he must make efforts to reduce this phenomenon, which begins with yourself first, if human maintenance on the air pollution on its own, not a link to what it is. Compilation of the factories and industries that lead to air pollution in private places, away from populated places. The use of Means and methods of sophisticated and modern in the fight against air pollution. Intensive farming of trees in large areas and often, in order to reduce the problem of air pollution and its absorption and disposal. Process checks, bills of level and cycle cars; because a lot of cars that come out of smoke contaminated in the air, the process of checking these cars and get rid of the damaged ones leads to a reduction of air pollution. Laws that protect trees and forests from exposure to harm the human, and the penalties for each person cuts off a tree; because these penalties to prevent people from doing cutting down the trees, thereby preserving forests and the trees that lead to a reduction of the air pollution problem. Awareness and education of citizens, by giving courses and lectures that relate to air pollution and risks to human consciousness and Drake more on this topic. The leadership of governments to the work of the networks of connections between regions existing in the state, and that this network be safe and non-contaminated environment, to reduce the people use their cars in the process of development, leading to the reduction and mitigation of the smoke from these cars, which lead to air pollution. If you follow all these ways and others, leads to a reduction of air pollution inhaled by human and other organisms, and thus get the environment healthy and free from any kind of pollutants, which threaten the continuation of life on earth.

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