Essay Sample: Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Published: 2018-02-06
Essay Sample: Why I Want to Be a Nurse
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My primary reason for taking a degree in nursing is to become a registered nurse. I would open a health care facility that would address teenagers and women healthcare issues. A registered nurse can provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients, provide medication and make the critical decision, especially on presented health cases. One of the best way to conserve knowledge and have a place for reference is writing something that one comes across. This is the reason I feel writing is very pertinent in my life. I have to learn how to record details for my future use as well as for the patients who I will help so that they can have a place to reference when they are faced with the problem addressed before.

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The most appealing areas of the course are the practical course that would introduce me to real issues facing the patient. They will help me come into contact with the actual problems on the ground after being registered as a nurse. This will instill confidence and determination to address all the health problems presented to me. The least appealing course is the theoretical area which proves difficult to follow and get all the content. One of the most crucial areas of the course is the theoretical model relating to people behavior on susceptibility to illness and their readiness to screening. It will help in understanding how to deal with early cases of diseases among teenagers and women. Also, it will give me a hand to match teenagers and women behavior and health care advice, determine the effectiveness of treatment recommended and scientifically evaluate treatment protocols. As a nurse, I will be able to work efficiently and solve most of the cases at an early stage.

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