Summary Response Essay to the Article on Pet Allergies, Free Example

Published: 2018-10-25
Summary Response Essay to the Article on Pet Allergies, Free Example
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Article by Lindsay Murray

According to the website article by Lindsay Murray, animals are just as sensitive to allergies as human beings and their allergies could stem from environmental factors, due to the food they eat, and from fleas. In the event that the food is the cause of the allergy, there is bound to be abdominal and gastrointestinal discomforts and itchy skin. On the other hand, one can tell his or her pet has allergies caused by environmental factors such as pollen, mold spores, and dust mites because of the itchy skin they cause on the pet. Environmental allergies are treated with simple antihistamines. Thirdly, fleas are also a cause of allergies in animals; these are usually easy to identify because they will make a pet itchy, make it lose hair, and make its skin red or crusty. Usually, treatment at the vet involves a treatment regime to end the infestation. In summary, the main statement of the website article is that whenever pets have allergies, the allergies are as a result of the food they eat, environmental factors, or flea infestation. I agree with this, and the next three paragraphs will tell what I think.

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All pet owners need to love and care for pets the same way they take care of themselves. This way they will be able to give them the right food and at the right timing. Presently I have a cat, and it is a very responsible animal in terms of patience (it will wait until I give it food), and it does not poo irresponsibly because of the potty training that I give it. When you take care of a pet right, it is unlikely to develop food allergies. I think that pet owner who treats their animals with good food one day and leaves them to fend for themselves the next are the ones who experience allergy problems. Usually, that mix is not very good and eventually causes allergies and disease. A pet will eat substandard food when it his hungry; this could be sourced from the most unconventional of places such as garbage cans. Bottom line is that when a pet is fed in the right way, it is unlikely to have allergy problems ("How To Tell If Your Pet Has Allergies").

Pet allergies

When it comes to matters revolving around allergies caused by the environment; most of these result from not taking a pet to a veterinary office for regular checkups. Pet owners should know that visits to the vet are very important and should be done on a regular basis. Even when a pet looks perfectly okay and appears to be healthy and devoid of discomfort, there is a need to take it for a checkup at least once every month just to make sure that everything is okay. It is appropriate for us to recognize that in as much as we may be pet owners; we are not experts that will recognize an ailing pet right away. Kids may also be tested for allergic sensitization to make the judgment of removing the pet from the household, although allergic ailments seldom lead to the elimination of the pet or avoiding pet-keeping (Pyrhonen, 252).

It is also worth mentioning that when it comes to matters of pet allergies caused by fleas, owners of pets can get rid of this problem very easily by upholding cleanliness habits. Using the right shampoo for bathing your pet and combing its hair will do it a great deal of infestation avoidance. It is very unlikely for a pet to have a flea infestation if it is washed the right way. In fact, most pets that get infested with fleas have reluctant owners who do not wash them or do their hair on the regular (Pyrhonen, 255).

In summary, allergies can be a pain in the back for pets. Without proper managing of the allergies, the results can be severe and even fatal. The best solution is usually to prevent exposure from the allergen, but when this is hardly possible, other alternatives such as cleaning the pet can be sought.

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