Free Essay Sample: Education, Health, and Technology

Published: 2018-03-15
Free Essay Sample: Education, Health, and Technology
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Education and technology

First, it is well known that education is an ever-changing thing in our world today. By changing, it means that there is always something that is added on top of the knowledge that was once there. Ten years from now college will be different from what we have today, from the learning, games, and even parties. Students will have fundamentally a different kind of college than we have today.

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Technology will have taken over the lecture halls, textbooks, and even the professors who walk in the lecture halls with a pile of books. Learning will be done online where students do their studies at their own pace. Ten years from now there will be careers that will be flourishing such as technology-related jobs since there is always a technology boost every day. Medical professions will also be a career that the society will be in need of. Business and finance professionals will also be part of us ten years from now. Values will have increased.

Technology is the primary cause of the change of everything. Having the changes in technology that are progressively changing makes the costs increased. Relationships with the people around us will be fighting fit because it will be easy to communicate with everyone with the technology than it is there now and the one that will be boosted. Personal qualities will in a way that everyone will be able to utilise their talents, work in the companies of their choices, and solve problems in the most comfortable way.

Health and technology

The combination of health and technology will be very powerful. There will be a good relation with the researchers, clinicians and the entire healthcare and there will be better information on severity diseases. The illness of patients will be understood even better because of the improved technology and healthcare facilities. There will be more efficient billings, more healthcare technology will be improved for the care of the patients at home, and the hospital procedures will be enhanced by giving better information on appropriate care becomes available.

The antagonism among practitioners will be less established on who has the best outcome for diseases and more ability to innovate having the best care for patients. One of the barriers to making it to this kind of quality world is an economic and financial barrier (Tienda & Mitchell, 2006). The economic growth has been focused on so much forgetting to consider the rights, welfare and environmental processes and limits of people. The economic and financial barrier can be improved by modifying the people's welfare provisions to restore enticements to hire people and for the unemployed to try to find work and get employed.

Personality is the way in which you learn, formulate and maintain relationships with others and the career by knowing if you are linguistic which tells you that you can be able naturally to write well and memorise or even speak well. The people with logical intelligent are good at reasoning. Personality plays a major role in decision making and formulating or maintaining relationships (Hersen et al 2006). The ‘It's time Texas community challenge’ health both mentally and physically by being able to be physically fit and having high self-esteem because of the positive body changes. In this challenge, a lot is taught about having healthy hearts, minds, and agencies and the importance of it.

College education and being aware of monitoring is part of the major grand plan because college opens doors for opportunities in life whereas monitoring health is important because you are able to identify and treat certain illness before they become terminal diseases.


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