Practicum Essay Sample

Published: 2018-05-10
Practicum Essay Sample
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Brief Description of My Los Angeles Community

The community I come from is Los Angelo County is surrounded by middle-class people who most may not afford advanced health care. Los Angelo’s is located in the southern part of California. It is has been long known as the city of dreams. In Mid-century my, community achieved the second largest city rank in the United States of America. The community has the best hospitals with most universities offering the best graduate in the medical sector. The hospital has both categories including women and children. For this practice, my practice setting will be Las Angeles (“County Data | Data & Statistics | Diabetes | CDC,” 2016).

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What are the Determinants of Health in Your Community?

The determinants of health in my community are divided into broad category namely:

Policymaking, social factors, health services, individual behavior, and biology and genetics.


Policies are made from local to international level. This policy affects individual’s health and the population health. For instance, when you increase taxes on a substance such as tobacco can increase the health of the community.

It is evident that some policies affect the entire population over a very long period and at the same time helps in changing individual behavior.

Social Factors and Health Services

Social factors are determinant that affects both the social factors and the physical condition of individuals. It defines conditions which people are born, how they cope up with a certain situation, the age the type of work they do and how the survive. The third about health services is a determinant that describes the condition of health services in the community. Any community with poor health services will automatically have poor health ("Determinants of Health | Healthy People 2020," n.d.).

Individual behavior describes the lifestyle lived by an individual. The behavior and the mitigating steps taken by an individual affect their health condition.

What are the most Prevalent Health Problems in your Community or your Practice?

The most prevalence health problem the community my practice is the lack of preventing and living a healthy lifestyle. For instance, the community faces a rate of diabetes attach. It is causes of diabetes are known and can be prevented. But the problem, in this case, is that the community is reluctant to take the necessary measure to avert the spread of this disease.

The Population of Discussion Is Children the City of Carson in Los Angeles

The city of Carson has a high prevalence of diabetes in children. Statistics shows that Los Angeles has a significant rise of diabetes prevalence since 1997 to the year 2015 in children. In the discussion, the percentage goes higher each and every day with the most reported type of diabetes in children is typed one diabetes.

In my discussion, I also noted that eating junk food is the main course of diabetes among the children. Balancing the child with meals which are healthier will help kick diabetes away. There is a need for children to know the relationship of between food consumed and their blood sugar (Wood & Miller, 2015). One factor that has also noted to be increasing diabetes in the county is the fact that many children eat extra food without the consent of their parents or other adult’s consultation. Children need to be told that this can lead to higher sugar level. It is important to make it clear to your children that they should always consult the advice of adults on the type of food they consume.


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