Essay Example about Meaning of Dreams

Published: 2018-09-20
Essay Example about Meaning of Dreams
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The meaning of dreams

Dreams are thoughts, images and sensational that appear in the human brain while they are asleep. During the dream, the brain pulls information that is need and disregard the information, which is not needed (Buckland 33). Various scholars have different interpretations of dreams. Freud, a renowned psychologist, believed a dream is a manifestation of our deepest darkest sexual desires that people have hidden. On the other hand, Jung believed that people have a personal interpretation of dreams. There are different types of dreams with varying meaning.

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One of the common dreams is people being chased. The dream is common in young people. Chase dream is because of being anxious about what is surrounding the affected people. In addition, the dream does not come due to fear of being chased (Buckland 39). The primary factor that leads to that dream is things that we are chasing from, for example, people running away from responsibilities. Chase dream also assist in solving something in our lives that requires attention.

Dreaming while in water bodies is another common type of dream. People may dream while they are in lakes, swimming pools and oceans. Water dreams represent our emotions, for instance, fear, happiness, sadness or our unconscious brains. In addition, the quality of the water also shows the emotion surrounding us, for example, cloudy water mass indicates that we are emotional (Domhoff 44).

Death dream

People also dream while they are in vehicles. Vehicle dreams show the direction of our lives and control measures that we can take. For instance, people dreaming while driving, shows that people have a desire to move towards a certain direction in their lives (Domhoff 51). In addition, dreaming while on vehicle gives people the power to highlight some obstacles they are thinking about.

Death dream is another common type of dream. In this scenario, people might dream while they are being killed or facing scenarios that may result in death, for example, suffering from a dangerous disease. Death dream is quite different from the literal meaning people have towards it because most of the people associate it with negative occurrences (Moustakas 44). However, death dream is an indication that there is a dramatic change happening for the dreamer. In this case, there should be an end of one thing and the start of a new thing in one lives.

People can also dream of other people. Dreaming with other people makes dreamers reflect on their personalities. In this case, people in dreams relate to features that need to be developed in their lives, for instance, being married. People may also dream of the existing relationship or interpersonal things, for example, one may have a dream about their girlfriends or boyfriends. In addition, people may dream of people they met for a long time ago, for instance, their childhood friends or teachers and how they impacted their lives (Moustakas 57).

Another types of dream

Dreaming while falling has various meaning. One of the meaning that many people associate with it is misfortune that may occur in people lives, for example, being demoted from the job. On the other hand, falling dream might also indicate that we have let off some of the habits we have doing for some time, for example, smoking and drinking (Hartmann 66). In addition, if people dream falling uncontrollably from a great height, there is an indication that something is happening up in our lives which is out of their control.

Sex dream is another common type of dream. In this case, people may dream while having sexual intercourse with someone they love. In most cases, sex dream is a show of sexual expression (Hartmann 69). Dream about sex symbolizes intimate connections with people they love. In addition, some of the cases of sex dream indicate lust.

Food dream symbolizes energy, knowledge, nourishment that may correlate with our intelligence, emotions and spirituality. In this case, people can relate the food they are eating with their health (Freud 54). Food dream is also a manifestation of idioms, for example, food for thought, which may indicate hungry for information people, might have.

House of dreams

People may dream while they are in the house. House dreams vary depending on the room. Dreaming while in basement indicates things not aware of or neglected by the dreamer. On the other hand, bedroom dream relates to intimate thought or feelings of the dreamer (Freud 59).

To sum it up, various dreams have different meanings. Chase dream indicates that a person is running from responsibilities. On the other hand, people may dream while in water, which reflects people emotions. Vehicle dream shows the direction of our lives and barriers we might encounter. Death dream is an indication of a new beginning due to something that has ended in our lives. People might also dream about other people, which shows the relationship that exists with other people. Falling and food dreams are associated with emotions people are undergoing, for instance, being neglected. Lastly, sex dream expresses intimate connections people are undergoing,

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