Free Essay on Engagement and Assessment of Communities

Published: 2018-12-19
Free Essay on Engagement and Assessment of Communities
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Community engagement

Community engagement is a research tool used by scholars with the aim of studying the behavioral practices, economic practices, and social relations of a given community. Engaging with a given community offers a chance for a scholar to assess the community’s political, demographic and economic practices and later they use the findings to enable the government of the community and another stakeholder to have an intervention in the strengths and weaknesses of the community. The outcomes of a community’s engagement and assessment attract the need for essential improvement and necessary collaborations with other shareholders. This article puts an insight to the Battle Creek community in the United States of America and the MI community. The ways of engaging with these communities were as follows; use of questionnaire templates that have simple and easy questions, one on one interactions, use of questions on board to inquire people’s views, etc. I also joined MI community interaction platform network by the use of MI Community app, which offers a chance for people to air out their concerns, and later suggest solutions to their issues (Provan, 2016).

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The Battle Creek community previously had raided from MI people who were doing so for the reason of delayed annuities to support them (Lasser, 2009). The two communities have been longing for quick solutions to their difficulties decade after decade. The government of the Battle Creek and the MI had to look for ways of analyzing its people’s tribulations and accompanying them with intended solutions (Magner, 1887). This offered a reason for engaging the communities in activities that enable them to raise their concerns.

The majority of young people in the Battle Creek community

One of the key informants used were the youth in organized talent shows which attracted the majority of young people in the Battle Creek community. Interactions with the youths by an aid of friendly conversations with either of them brought about what the community has but not yet tapped into profitable activities. Most of the youth stated that there are so many talented individuals in the Battle Creek community whose abilities have been buried because the lack of connection to participate in international competitions. The major reason for choosing the youths is because the youth have potentials even though most of their potentials untapped due to poverty and lack of connections. To obtain concrete information from the youth, good interpersonal and communication skills must be employed to (or “intending to”) making the respondents free to air out their views (Lasser, 2009).

Secondly, the public’s views also aid collection of relevant information by just placing a case study question on board to allow people to air out their views by writing on the board according to what the topic demands. For instance, a statement placed on board along the street with a title “is the Battle Creek training and relocation fund useful to you? If not, why?” can be able to gather various views of the community. This engagement strategy is viable in a situation where most people are always busy and can only be reached in the streets but not in their houses. This skill is efficient in collecting viable information from shy people who might not air out their views in the presence of someone.

Overpopulation problem in the cities

Since the Battle Creek community faces overpopulation problem in the cities, a questionnaire is a viable tool for engaging the community in identifying problems and suggesting solutions to the anxieties. The target group is middle age people and youths between 20-35 years. The group is chosen because it is the one that dominates the cities in search of jobs. To gather the necessary information, I will inform my respondents on the importance of expressing their views for a proper implementation to be affected (Provan, 2016).

Being a city of environmental problems like dirty water systems, one-on-one conversations with will be able to make people outline their lamentations for the in the availability of clean water because of dumping and waste disposal being channeled into rivers (Magner, 1887). This can be obtained by organizing a forum to make general cleanups of water systems locally while interrogating the respondents about their views to ensure the water bodies are clean. This interactive skill is a practical one and will attract many people thereby creating a chance to gather various solutions of this tribulations. In this session, I will be able to ask more questions about what the Battle Creek and the MI community need to be implemented.

In conclusion, it can be said that the best way of finding solutions to problems in the society is by involving the members of the society in generating suggestions of solutions and later assessing their preferred claimed ways. Dealing with people requires a prior knowledge of their social and cultural behavior so as to avoid any instance of misunderstandings. The choice of skills is purposely made to enable a healthy gathering of ideas that may not be acquired by use of inappropriate means. It also helps by giving firsthand information and create confidence in community members that they are part of policy implementers.


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