Essay Example: Why I Wish to Pursue a Career at Bloomberg

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Example: Why I Wish to Pursue a Career at Bloomberg
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I wish to pursue a career at Bloomberg because this company is a leading and well-known provider of financial and business information and news. The company uses different platforms and technologies to connect businesses and individuals to a dynamic network of valuable information regarding developments in the finance and business world. By working at Bloomberg, I will gain extensive experience in many aspects of international finance and business management, which will be critical to my future career. Through my undergraduate degree in International Political Economy and Business Management, I have gained knowledge in political science and economics, which is a necessary prerequisite for a successful career in international finance and business. By pursuing a career at Bloomberg, I will gain further knowledge in these areas, which will make me a qualified finance professional.

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I firmly believe that Bloombergs reputation as a leading financial services company and news provider will impact positively on my career growth aspirations. Bloomberg has a reputation of offering robust career opportunities and nurturing talents in finance. Besides, the company has excellent resources and a dedicated staff, which makes it stand out from other businesses. The companys team of dedicated professionals from diverse fields in finance will provide me with the necessary mentorship for a successful career.

My Understanding of the Role of Analytics Department at Bloomberg

The analytics department is one of the most important functional units at Bloomberg. The department offers various client-related services such as answering queries and generating customer leads. Client queries are the most important source of information for improvement. For this reason, having a department that is dedicated to serving customers in this aspect is critical not only for the present needs of the company but also for its future growth. I believe that the analytics role has been crucial in enabling Bloomberg to foresee potential future problems and make necessary improvements to avoid losses or business disruptions.

The individuals working at Bloombergs analytics department help in exploring new markets and bringing in new customers. Their knowledge, skills, personalities, and passion are of great value to the company. They are the face of Bloomberg, and therefore, indispensable in the business operations. If I work at the analytics department, I will gain essential skills in building client relationships, generating new business leads, and helping senior management with decision-making responsibilities. These skills will be of great value in my future career as a finance professional.

My Understanding of Exceptional Client Service

My understanding is that exceptional client service involves an adequate knowledge of the customer needs and the product being sold, showing courtesy and respect when interacting with customers, and building strong relationships with clients. In todays competition-paced world of business, it is important for companies to offer exceptional customer service. Listening to clients, connecting with them emotionally, and asking critical questions to help in cultivating honest relationships can be beneficial long-term impacts on the business. It is especially important for companies like Bloomberg that offer services. Unlike companies that offer tangible products, service companies have to offer exceptional customer service as an indication that they value their customers.

Bloomberg prides in having a team of dedicated employees capable of establishing responsive processes for dealing with customers. Following up with clients to ensure that their needs have been addressed adequately is an important aspect of exceptional customer service. From my knowledge in marketing, I understand that customers are motivated by positive experience. Therefore, companies should design processes that foster such an experience. One way of doing this is by training employees to be excellent in customer service. Since employees are the point of contact between an organization and its customers, they should be well informed of the best ways of handling customers.

My Motivation for Pursuing a Career in sales and why I believe I will be successful

My prime inspiration for pursuing a career in sales is that it is the most important function in any business organization. Sales is the quintessential function that drives business success. In light of this, I have chosen a career in sales so that I can help companies make the best decisions in terms of business strategies. My second motivation for pursuing a career in sales is that it provides opportunities for advancement into senior management positions. In most companies, the majority of senior executives either started or have spent part of their career time in sales. Spending time in sales will train and prepare me to be an effective communicator and to win the confidence of the people I interact with. This will be helpful to me when I become a senior executive.

I believe I will be successful in my sales career because I have the necessary academic requirements and work experience. Through my previous attachment, I gained knowledge in many aspects of sales and marketing. In addition, I have excellent skills in the main international languages, which will enable me to work in different parts of the world.

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