Free Essay on Whether or Not Sororities and Fraternities Should Be Banned

Published: 2019-06-18
Free Essay on Whether or Not Sororities and Fraternities Should Be Banned
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In most universities and colleges, there are club-like organizations that use Greek letters are their names. Such clubs like organizations for ladies are called sororities while fraternities are for men. To join a sorority or fraternity, an individual has to be invited. According to Ruffins (78), an individual can only belong to one organization at a time but in the case of quitting then an individual is free to join another organization. Independents are students who have not and do not wish to join either a sorority or fraternity. Individuals who want to join a sorority or fraternity go through rush that is visiting different organizations and after accepting bids they are free to be initiated. This paper is an argumentative paper on whether sororities and fraternities should be banned from colleges. This paper will argue on why they should be banned.

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Sororities and fraternities bring together young women and men respectively who share a common interest. The groups have deeper pockets and roots that may make it a big challenge to ban them. One reason sororities and fraternities should be banned from college is that they promote excessive drinking and encourage sexual assault incidents. According to health experts who carried out research on college organizations, sororities and fraternities organize parties where there is excessive drinking and in a majority of cases sexual assaults (Henry 44). Of course, such gatherings endanger the well-being of the members and nonmembers. A research shows that fraternities and sororities members are more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, have unprotected sex and damage property. Drinking is one of the major problems that fraternity and sororities members have. With the drinking problem persisting amongst fraternity members, it becomes difficult for them to accomplish their academic goals such us completing their assignments and term papers (APA 11). What is the importance of such an organization if it hinders academic achievement that is the ultimate goal?

Recently in Texas Tech University the chapter of Phi Delta Theta had to be suspended. It is a fraternity group that was involved in sexism allegation that was exposed after the fraternity had a banner reading No means Yes, Yes means Anal (New 1). This is a clear show of sexism which must not be encouraged. Individuals that support such messages only do because they belong to the fraternity and must show loyalty even if they feel whatever they are supporting is wrong. This is another reason fraternities should be banned from college. To protect the female students from such rogue groups. On the other hand discrimination against students that do not belong to any sororities or fraternities makes bullying a high possibility in colleges. Sororities are known to be run like organizations where members are expected to behave, dress and act in a specific manner. Failure to do so members may be punished or left out making most of the female members depressed and worried. It may be seen as a small issue, but sometimes members that are expelled or suspended sometimes contemplate suicide because they are so engrossed in the group that nothing else matters to them in their life.

Sororities and fraternities have traditions and ways of life that affect the normal lives of the members. The fraternities and sororities can be a waste of time for the members. Constant expectations from the group may take up time meant for studying and other aspects of life which are important too. Most fraternities and sororities can also affect the lives of nonmembers in campuses because of their activities. Violence is a common occurrence where sororities and fraternities are involved. By feeling that they belong to a group and feel much powerful together, fraternities especially get involved in group violence that in most cases may lead to severe injuries and in some unfortunate circumstances it may lead to deaths. The banning of these groups from colleges may not mean the end of the groups because they may as well just form the groups and get a house outside the campuses.

Some sororities and fraternities in some universities such as Ohio states are so powerful and have a big influence that it is almost impossible to ban them. However, the dangers and negative effects caused by sororities and fraternities are so much more than their benefits and. Therefore, they are not necessary groups in colleges and universities. It is true that not all sororities and fraternities are bad regarding their culture, activities and membership, but a majority of them are not focused on the overall well-being of their members. Abolishing the groups may not end the cases of sexual assault, over drinking and drug use or even violence in colleges and universities but it will be a step towards reducing such incidents. I strongly believe that there is enough reason for the responsible parties to use as evidence for banning both sororities and fraternities from colleges and they should do that without any hesitation.

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