Westchester County Department

Published: 2023-01-06
Westchester County Department
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Westchester County Department is a public facility of expertise of community health employees who assist people and their families in enjoying better health. The main objectives of the health facility include the promotion of health to the community. It plays a very vital role in addressing local health issues which includes;

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Promoting the health of both women and infants through advising mothers on the importance of a balanced diet.

It is preventing chronic diseases by educating people on the dangers of consuming substances that can result in the disorders.

Improving health status while reducing health disparities

Promoting a safe and healthy environment through educating the community on the importance of having a clean and safe environment.

Timely vaccination of health-related infections, prevention of vaccine-preventable illness and STDs and HIV.

Promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse.

Westchester County health facility has a structure that holds various departments that are 40 in number. The over 40 expertise departments form the county government. Even though they are different in focus, the departments are united in their obligation to offer a high-class quality service for the patients who seek medical assistance in the health facility. The health care facility provides various services and activities. It offers Tuberculosis services and clinics in the day and evening hours. This service entails free laboratory testing, free TB testing, treatment and medication, and contact examination (Harris, 1989). Animal illness control is another activity carried out where the medical practitioners inspect the animals of any disease. The offering of AIDS services where the medics educate people on various ways to prevent acquiring the infection and also advising the means of living with the infected victims is also a key role. Infanthood lead poisoning prevention program which entails the lead screening of children who are below six years is also carried out.

They also offer HIV/AIDS counseling and testing which helps the doctors and patients in alerting partners of the possibility of exposure to HIV (Tesoriero et al., 2017). Westchester County health offers prenatal care for pregnant women. Expectant women can call 2-1-1 for help by discovering a prenatal care provider. Westchester County has one program referred to as Food Service Establishment Program whose major roles includes inspection of foods, granting permission, preventing foodborne illness, complaint examinations and plan to review. The health facility has various resources that they offer to the community. They supply treated drinking water to the community. Through this activity, the community benefits from the health facility.


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