College Education Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-12
College Education Essay Example
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A greater population has a thought that going to college is a fundamental part of life; they take college as a place that cultivates the growth of teenagers to adulthood. The other people take college education as pointless. The author of Too Many People Are Going to College, Charles Murray is among the individuals who think that may be college is not a vital step and therefore not everyone should go to college. Is it important to go to college? I strongly believe that college is a fundamental step. College is not only a place to gain knowledge but also help teach us life lessons on how to depend on ourselves, make independent decisions, become more mature and never the less manage our own time well.

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Charles Murrays argument that not every one is suitable for college may be a good proposition. This is because some individuals go to school just because others are going and also the parents force them to go. If at any point this is the case, then the victim should not join college. To force someone to learn will just make them waste a lot of time (four years) and resources doing nothing.

The suggestion by Charles Murray that only smart individuals should join college sounds like a bad idea. He suggests that students with poor performance (those at lower percentile) should not go to college rather they should go to work. Many of the students who do not attain good grades in high school could be intelligent but just for some reasons they fail. College and high school are two different things since high school is more on academics while college is more on practical. Therefore one may be able to attain good grades in high school but fail to master the practical things. College does not only give you knowledge but also gives you guidelines on how to think critically and apply the knowledge acquired in real life.

I believe every person should be entitled to college education as long as they want. There is no point in life that there will be too many people going to college because I see no harm for a society with full of educated fellows. This intellectual group will contribute so much to the society. Also some just go to college to get their degrees and not to improve their knowledge. It is perceived by Charles Murray that recently a college degree is compared to an admission ticket for employees. Employers never value the knowledge capacity of a student as long as they have a degree. This may be true because many employees do not bother even to have a look on the applicants with no degrees. Notwithstanding, college education is beneficial as it helps us learn how to become responsible citizens.

College degrees show employers that you have some expertise in a certain field. Employees with college degrees can easily be employed and promoted compared to those without, but I tend to think that personal skills should count. But the problem is how will your employer identify your personal skills? Employers can not risk their resources and money just to find out what skills you have.

College education helps students prepare for the adult life of independence. Many leave high schools with no idea of what they want to do as a career and therefore colleges are there to close this gap. Many American colleges give the student the priority to choose what they want to specialize in. Also the providence of internships gives the students the opportunity to gain more experience in their field of interest.

In conclusion, college education is vital for everyone. Despite there not being a guarantee to secure a job after college, more benefits come along with it such as exposition to the world with a lot of perspectives and ideas. There will never be numerous people going to college since this education is vital for each of us and makes us better than we were before college education. It provides us with chances for new experiences.


Murray, C. (2008). Real education. New York: Crown Forum.

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