Washington Move - Free Essay with Personal Experience Description

Published: 2019-05-27
Washington Move - Free Essay with Personal Experience Description
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It is continuously hard to relocate from the place you grew up, married and also raised your family. It is even harder when one changes from one house to another in the same city since you have to start to make a new life; new friends and everything shall change. If I can truly reflect back, I was born in New York, and both of my parents were from Puerto Rico. They decided to relocate back to Puerto Rico when I was still three years old, and that is the place I have been raised ever since. I got married there, had one daughter and one son who are apparently old. Several years down the line, I got divorced and met my actual husband who interestingly enough, was a former U.S Marine and lives in Washington. That is the very day I resolved to leave everything behind; my friends, work, and family to go and stay with him in Washington.

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I expected my life would entirely change once I moved in a new country. Owing to the life I have been in Puerto Rico, I knew moving to Washington to live with new husband was the best decision I made and I could rarely look back at that decision. I had numerous expectation on how that move would shape my entire life once I landed in Washington. I reached Washington early in the morning, and I was warmly received by the man in my life. I felt happy that after a very long time I got back to the country I was born though did not have the opportunity to grow up. As I walked outside the airplane, I observed the sun luminously streaming through the tall erections and off to the apartment where my husband stays. He looked at my face as I sat next to him. "You OK?" he said. "Yeah, I am much OK," I told him. "I am coming back here to stay with you." The experience was so interesting and when I reached his home noticed things are different, and I was no more in Puerto Rico.

Its sad to describe how I got to reach Washington considering my life in the country I had grown up and truly moving to Washington has totally changed my life in certain key ways. Some of which are internal and nowadays, for instance, I sense more myself than I have done before. I feel so relaxed, ease, and confident in myself. My husband has enrolled me to receive higher education; I have had the chance to meet my last daughter who has been in Boston College. Truly this was a life-changing move that shaped my life. Occasionally, I reflected on how the entire experience affected me; I recognized that there are a few real things that are now working in my life, stuff that have very practical uses in my life.

In conclusion, parting my nation entirely changed my life in very constructive ways. Largely, I have attained an improved living standard, and currently I am getting a higher education. I have also learned that when one departs her native state for better chances, the familiarity is not always what you might have anticipated, and you will get many obstacles in the way. Nonetheless, you can overwhelm through determination and effort by having a constructive attitude to realize your objectives.

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