The Internet Divides People Instead of Connecting Them

Published: 2022-12-06
The Internet Divides People Instead of Connecting Them
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The internet enables a different connection between people from all walks of life across the globe. It allows people to send messages instantly to whoever they wish, and get the breaking news as they happen. With the existence of such expansive networks, people across the globe create bridges to each other, connect, and learn about each other regardless of where they live, what they do, and who they are. However, most internet connections transcend social divisions. As much as social media may be the gateway of society into a global context, it is evident that it plays a significant role in dividing people than connecting them. The fact is, the internet divides people further, especially during and after elections, domestic and international issues, the negative impacts and rising of social media skills.

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An excellent example of the division is the presidential election. During these times, people all over social media continuously fight over who share more posts while criticizing the other political party. It does not mean that debates are no longer critical, but this incidence goes beyond discussions. No one respects another person's point of view; it is not wrong to disagree. However, there is a boundary between disrespecting another person's point of view and disagreeing with the person. People in social media regard debates as arguments. These arguments make people hate each other, and it brings a significant division. It creates the gap between two political parties, where the people who support one political party feel like their opponents are their enemies and not their competitors. In most cases, such arguments brew unnecessary hatred between people living in the same country but have different political opinions.

Any topic or issue that develops internationally or domestically could also play a significant role in dividing people. Whatever the problem, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook often add fuel to the fire. Through these social media platforms, people are often able to express themselves without one on one interaction. This fact creates an avenue for a different form of debating. Everyone who uses social media is part of the word "keyboard warrior." At some point in life, everyone has fallen into this category. This direction seems to be where the world is heading to in recent times. There is no room for resolutions, and therefore nothing is being resolved. People spread so much hate when they want others to consider their opinion, and they look for a chance to slander the other belief. Besides, they also lash out at one another without feeling the feelings of their recipients. The way people can express themselves behind the keyboard is entirely different on how they would if they had a one on one interaction. This trend does not seem to change. It seems to get more relevant as people extend further into their newly found self-extension, which is their social media profiles.

As much as social media has positive impacts, people often overuse these platforms and cause adverse effects. These negative effects are bound to have a hard stomp over the positive results, which global connection has given the society. Social media draws a line down the community without the right side. People no longer work together. Instead, they hurt each other over a computer screen with words. Communication through words may have wrong interpretations, which are often carried out from one social media platform to the other. One is likely to misinterpret a Facebook post since they do not know the intention of the writer. The hatred that brews over the internet shows unimaginable levels of division between people. The fact that people prefer communication through the internet has outweighed the traditional ways of a one on one conversation. This fact does not five room for getting the main social interaction, and people no longer care for one another.

Peoples' skills of social media are rising as their social skills are falling. The idea that rants through social media will change the world is not anywhere near the truth. People are not willing to get off their high horses and do something about this division. As such, the division receives worse every other day. The many Facebook essays about why something is wrong does not help in any way.


With the many divisions that erupt because of the internet, people should stop sitting and waiting for change. Instead, they should rise, go out and be the change that they want to invoke in the world. The world should take hold of this division before it consumes the youngest generation. Someday, the kids will be the executives. Therefore, if they grow up in a world that is solely dominated by social media, the age to come will have devastating effects. People should strive to get back to those days when they debated on an issue without lashing out at one another. An election is an exciting period that any country can take a step back and analyze what it can do better. No resolution will ever be possible if all that people can do is care about being better than the opponent.

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