Marketing Essay Sample on The Coca-Cola Company and Diet Coke

Published: 2019-05-22
Marketing Essay Sample on The Coca-Cola Company and Diet Coke
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Diet Coke is a Coca-Cola brand that is sugar-free and has low calorie. This soft drink can suitably target a group of people aged fifteen and above. This group would be the potential buyers because the drink is prepared in different flavors and can be taken by those people with diabetes or those with issues in Calorie intake (Payton & Coldebruselas 2005). Since this group of people is brand conscious, they are likely to go for Diet Coke because it is a well-known product. More so, most of them are educated, or they are in education institutions. They will understand quite well the advantages of taking sugar-free and low-calorie drinks hence the brand is likely to experience fast flow in the market. The advertisements being attached with educational materials, for instance, educational magazines and newspapers will also contribute significantly to the rapid flow of Diet Coke in the market. Diet Coke customers will buy this soft drink more likely during special occasions or festivals. This was the case during the Olympics that was sponsored by Coca-Cola Company. Also, those people who avoid other drinks due higher level of sugars concentration and calorie will prefer Diet Coke.

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Diet Coke would work best for the educated group of people. This group is large enough to increase the profit margins of the company. The educated group is also well distributed in the world thus it provides a broad market. This group is expanding as more people are getting to understand the importance of education. Even though other rivals are venturing into this market, Diet Coke has special features such as being sugar-free and low calorie that make it stand out and be unique thus it can outdo other brands by other companies. This brand has no barriers be they social, geographical or religion. It is customized to fit the needs of all.

Multisegment marketing strategy would be a perfect way of marketing Diet Coke to the educated group of customers targeted. It can provide an opportunity to make changes to the Diet Coke brand by adding or reducing some ingredients used in it. In case the customers taste and preferences for this product changes, the multisegment marketing strategy will allow the company to respond to the changes accordingly without losing the customers (Tanner, & Raymond, 2011). During economic downturns, the multisegment marketing strategy would allow the company to cope with the product lifecycle by getting back to another Coca-Cola brand in case Diet Coke is dying out.

On a perpetual map, Diet Coke should appear to be sporty. Very few soft drinks are associated with success in sports hence the brand will stand out. It should also be affordable because it does not target high-class earners. The educated group is comprised of mostly students hence they may range from low-income earners to high-income earners. Making it affordable to everyone is likely to increase its consumption amongst the targeted group. The design of the packaging of Diet Coke is made to be very attractive so that the soft drink will appear classy even if it is not expensive like other chic, soft drinks. Customers will, therefore, like to be associated with it so that they can belong to a particular class that is well defined by those who take Diet Coke.


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