Super Frog Essay Example: The Use of Symbolism in the Narrative

Published: 2019-06-19
Super Frog Essay Example: The Use of Symbolism in the Narrative
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The paper is about a man called Mr. Katagiri who seems to be having a terrible nightmare on some earthquake that is being revealed to him by a frog. The earthquake which is to be done by a worm is to bring to an end the life of about a hundred and fifty thousand people. After his second dream which to him seems so real, Mr. Katagiri is now unable to differentiate between what is a reality and what a dream is. He wakes up to find himself in a hospital bed having no idea of how he reached there. According to his dream, he was shot and hence taken to hospital while according to reality, he was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. All these events leave Mr. Katagiri in a dilemma on what exactly was unfolding and what exactly is reality.

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This narrative seeks to appreciate the use of symbolism in a way that has never been used before to show real life situation from the perspective of symbolism. The paper is to show the various people in the society today and their various behaviors from a different dimension.

The first symbol that has been used considerably is that of the frog. The frog in this scenario has been the subject of the whole story. It has been the one that brought the warning to the Katagiri, assisted him in acquiring the loan back to the company and also the one that saved Tokyo from the great earthquake after fighting the worm. The frog, in this case, is a symbol of a savior. With all the activities it has performed in the writing, the frog has portrayed itself as the hero that is always there to save and fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves when a situation arises. Heroism is an aspect that is mostly connected to people who fight not for their personal benefit but those of others. Frog has been portrayed in the story as a perfect hero.

Another aspect of symbolism that has been used is the worm that as per the story was supposed to destroy Tokyo were it not for the intervention of the Frog and Mr. Katagiri. Worm who is angry at God knows what, wants to cause an earthquake thanks to his anger. The worm is a symbol of destruction. His anger that has its source unknown is causing him to destroy Tokyo through an earthquake. Due to his strength, worm can do whatever he wishes. Worm portrays an aspect of abuse of power simply because one has strength.

The paper has also appreciated the use of motifs as a stylistic device in the story. The ever recurring scene of the frog insisting on being called Frog and not Mr. Frog has the essence of showing the level of humility he is willing to portray while at the same time trying to save the world from evil. Frog is determined to stop the earthquake without anyone knowing. The idea of refusing to be called sir is the perfect way of showing humility while at the same time being the savior of the world.

The other motif portrayed in the story is that of the dream. Mr. Katagiri wakes up to find himself in a hospital bed after a terrible dream. A few minutes later, he finds himself sleeping and afterward going back to the same dream. On his second dream, frog appears in his hospital room and later passes away after a series of swellings which bursts. This motif has the essence of stressing on what the narrative is all about. The motif also proves the idea that there is a person who is after fighting for what is right can lose his life for what he believes was a good course.

The final motif is the constant reminder to Katagiri on how terror is a product of ones imagination. This has in the end perfectly served the purpose of showing the whole narrative was an idea built in the head and not in the real life.

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