Essay Sample on Religious Belief in China

Published: 2023-01-10
Essay Sample on Religious Belief in China
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China has been known as one of the nations which have diverse religious belief since prehistoric time. Moreover, China also practices Confucianism as they believe that it is their source of spirit. This belief in Confucianism promotes unity among the people of China since it brings people from different ethnic race. Through recent research that has been conducted, most of the Chinese people differ in their religion when compared to real nonbelievers (Drake, & Raphals, 2017). Real nonbelievers simply mean people who believe in the nonexistence of divinities and also they abstain themselves from any religious activities. There are various forms of religious practices in China that have been adopted by the people. This comprises of Buddhism, Christianity, Islamic, Confucianism, and Taoism.

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Buddhism has been widely spread in China, and it is categorized into various forms specifically the Han, Tibetan and Southern Buddhism. Buddhism is practiced by the people of China since it brings diverse culture together. Also, Buddhism help in spreading of literature, poems, and art and as a result it promotes in intercultural interaction

Confucianism has also been adopted by the Chinese people even though it is not an actual religion. Confucianism is a form of religion which is the ethical and logical system. This form of religion is useful to the people of China as it promotes education to the local people. It is also significant since it promotes a thoughtful pattern and exposes some learning to the people. Buddhism has also emphasized the issue of culture and expansion of linguistic (Lagerwey, 2009). Moreover, Confucius plays an important role in offering a place where the candidates can do their exams.

Taoism is another form of religion that is practiced by the Chinese people. The reason why the people of China adopted Taoism was that it majorly dealt on the common culture of the people specifically traditional medication and text. Islamic is also the region that has emerged among the people of China which has a large group of followers and has been adopted by Muslim people as their major religion. The reason for its adoption was because it helps in widespread of religion throughout the country (Petersen, 2018). Christianity has also arisen among the people of China since it promotes the Chinese culture and helps in the faster spreading of religion to the people.

Apart from the above forms of beliefs by the Chinese people, they also believe in the existence of forefather's soul, and as a result, they respect them through adoring them.

In summary, Chinese people have different in the form of worship according to the influence of religion on them and how it may affect their culture.


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