Psychology Essay Sample: Fear and Anxiety

Published: 2022-09-19
Psychology Essay Sample: Fear and Anxiety
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Using the brain to understand and treat Fear and anxiety is a book written by Joseph LeDoux, and it relates to different issues that come to work with the creation of a better way to handle the problem of fear and anxiety in the society. The book looks into the different meanings of concern in the community and its relation to anxiety. The clinical definition of fear and historical justification of these definitions is proceeded for in the book. Notably, Joseph attempts to break the standard code of looking at fear in the society as something that should signal danger to the community. Hence, by discussing different perspectives of the term fear and anxiety, he begins to provide an overview of how they should be handled.

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The book also looks into how one can break away from the standard ways of looking into the factor of fear in the community. The author introduces new ways to handle fear and anxiety, with attention to the brain. Since the book takes great relativity in the course of defining the issues that surround fear and anxiety, it gets to tackle some of the most instrumental problems related with perspective and insight into matters of incremental value to an individual (LeDoux, 2015).

The book relates to the introduction to psychology since it tackles some of the most rampant psychological issues in the community. The book also looks into an overview of psychosocial interventions that could help with addressing the issue within the community. Therefore, this book works towards the provision of a proper mechanism whereby one could use their mental states to get rid of the rational perspective on fear (LeDoux, 2015). The step-to-step guide on how to work within the mental state of an individual to change how they handle fear and feel about anxiety creates a new model to look into the significant issues within the community. The guide makes it much simpler to understand the psychological concepts. Therefore, this is a major reason that builds an understanding of the chapter introduction to psychology a simple factor.

In reading the book, I learned different issues related to the power of a mental stance. The perspective that an individual picks to work within the community contributes significantly to the series of activities that they have to conduct for better response to their actions. Initiatives were taken up to ensure the growth of the mental state will help in tackling fear as a definite feeling that a negative item (LeDoux, 2015). Fear and anxiety can be addressed from a consented point of view rather than looking at them as instances of danger to an individual. These factors, therefore, relate to the growth of a modest appeal to handling fear and anxiety. The book also taught me the ancient ways of looking into fear and its changes over the years.

In conclusion, the book is an informative piece on how to change reactions and perceptions on fear and anxiety. This book provides a clear framework that can deliver a better determination of activities. Application of the concepts learned from the book would provide on with right steps towards transforming their reactions and changing the course of their lives. Nonetheless, this book relates to the first unit in psychology by introducing concepts that can lead to a better understanding of the needs of the course. Therefore, the book is firmly connected to a psychological perspective.


LeDoux, J. E. (2015). Anxious: Using the brain to understand and treat fear and anxiety. Penguin.

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