Essay Sample on Pet Stores' Controversies

Published: 2023-12-30
Essay Sample on Pet Stores' Controversies
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Many psychiatrists have stated that dogs are essential in improving and protecting people living with mental disorders. Thus, many people have ensured that they use dogs as their pets to improve their mental health. Nonetheless, there have been controversies regarding the sale of dogs in pet stores. Many people have claimed that some of the dogs should not be sold to people who have limited information about handling and caring for the dogs (Hodgson, 2019). Moreover, breed-specific legislation in the United States has ensured that people should control their dogs, such as pit bulls known to harm people in various states.

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The issue of people in pet stores focusing on their business to make profits, causing them to raise the dogs inappropriately, has also been analyzed. For instance, puppies should be weaned entirely off suckling when they reach roughly 7 to 8 weeks (Hodgson, 2019). However, some pet stores sell puppies before they stop suckling, which can impact their health. Furthermore, health complications may be due to a lack of proper screening. For instance, Lorna Grande, creator of Pup Quest, an online guide about where to get a dog, believes that dogs from pet stores are more likely to have health issues because puppy mills and backyard breeders do not screen dogs as well. According to the Best Friends Society, twenty states have passed legislation that either bans puppy selling altogether or creates standards for selling puppies, including requiring pet stores to document which city and state the puppy has come from.

I asked a question regarding dogs' training from the pet stores, whereby trainers claimed that some dogs from pet stores are hard to train. "I can tell you about my experience with dogs from the pet store in regards to potty training," said Carol Hibner Saunders, owner of Primo PetCare. "Every puppy we got from the local pet store has been horrible to potty train. We still have issues with several of them after they are a year old too." Consequently, pest stores primarily focus on increasing their revenues, limiting them from ensuring that the pets are taken care of appropriately. "Wholesale breeding of puppies guarantees that the 'quality' of the merchandise will be poor. Large commercial dog breeders do not screen their breeding stock for genetic, inherited problems," Grande explains. Thus, screening of puppies has also been encouraged by many people to determine some of the issues that can influence their training.

Social media has also become a standard method of communication due to advanced technology. Thus, one can use various platforms to ensure that a message is conveyed to many people. In this case, I can use Facebook to reach many people about the need to care for pets in pets stores. For instance, I can post about the need to ensure that the puppies' suckling period is maintained and screening is conducted to limit various diseases. Besides, I can encourage people to share the post to ensure that pet stores learn about better ways of raising pets instead of just focusing on revenues.


To conclude, pet stores should ensure that they learn about ways to help them attract more customers by ensuring that they practice procedures to improve their pets' health. Moreover, people should know about various breeds before purchasing their pets. The use of online enhancements has also been essential in reaching many people. Thus, pets stores can also reach out to people using social media and ensure that they focus on the feedback they receive from the clients to improve their performance.


Hodgson, S. (2019). Puppies for dummies. John Wiley & Sons.

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