Personality Essay Example for Students

Published: 2022-06-29
Personality Essay Example for Students
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Question #1: What makes you 'you'

A person, like other animals, are mental beings. However, a person is special and distinguished from other mental beings because of their self-consciousness. A person is considered to be thinking, and intelligent making them to reason and reflect on every action he or she takes. Thus, to be you, you must exhibit the ability to think things at different times as well as places. Therefore, a person is who he or she is because of their ability to think about themselves in the past, the present, and the future conditionally, in different times and places.

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Every individual is a self-conscious mental being because of their brain. For an individual to be the same person at time A and time B, he or she must be psychologically continuous. Meaning, the mental state of the individual at time B is dependent on his or her state at time A through derivation or decency. Thus, self-consciousness is a journey in which every individual makes the self-discovery.

Question #2: What makes you the 'same person' over time and change?

People are complex systems comprising of four levels of interactions which includes molecular, mental, neural, and social. These levels of interaction connect to produce regular physical changes over time. These mechanisms are in regular constant changes due to their interaction and interconnection. For this reason, it is not easy to answer whether a person remains the same over time and change. The answer to this question entirely depends on the interaction between the existing levels of interaction which makes the system of an individual. Nonetheless, a person can remain the same because of their molecular mechanism. The molecular mechanism of a person which comprises of the DNA and genes always remain the same unless mutated. However, these individuals may exhibit some epigenetic changes that may affect their gene expressions.

The neural mechanisms of an individual also don't experience changes becoming a vital element of making an individual the same person over time and change unless affected by major disabilities like a stroke. The mental mechanisms, on the other hand, comprise of the representations like the beliefs and concepts of individuals whose interactions are based on various processes and inferences. Thus, a person may or may not remain the same depending on his or her beliefs over time and change. The fourth level of mechanism, social, is considered as the key determinant of whether a person remains the same or not. The social mechanism involves the interaction between the individual and other people. The social mechanism brings new people into the life of a person who may change their mental, neural, and molecular mechanisms.

Question #3: What distinguishes you from 'other persons'?

Every individual being is unique. Having the same body or ideas as other people does not make such individuals the same. Scientifically, every person across the globe can be distinctively distinguished from the other using their DNA, fingerprints, voice, walking styles, and their unique smell. In addition, we may also exhibit different talents and interests. Distinguishing yourself from others also requires you to find something valuable about you and have the courage to let go of those which are not valuable but will instead suppress the most valuable things from being noticed. Nonetheless, it is important to note that, to be distinct from other people, what is valuable for you must also be valuable to the world.

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