Paper Sample: Smart Perimeter Mapping Proposal for Enhanced Prison Security at XY Maximum Prison

Published: 2024-01-03
Paper Sample: Smart Perimeter Mapping Proposal for Enhanced Prison Security at XY Maximum Prison
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This proposal aims to bring to your attention the rising need and importance of installing smart perimeter mapping into our new XY Maximum Prison. The budget proposed has been tailored to meet the financial obligations of this meticulous project. Through this smart perimeter mapping, upon your consideration and approval of the budget, we will advance the security standards in our maximum prison to offer the best services security-wise.

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Smart Perimeter Mapping

Smart perimeter mapping refers to a form of defense that protects and bars the access of a security center such as a prison either from outside by contrabands or preventing criminals and lawbreakers from escaping through a technological detection of such attempts (Liao et al., 2020). Several technologies are applied to realize an effective function of smart perimeter mapping. It is important to note that the smart perimeter mapping system is not uniform for all prisons, but it depends on the nature and risk the prison is exposed to. This is a possible dependent threat to the surrounding people and the prison's inmates.

Importance of the Smart Perimeter Mapping

The primary role of requesting this smart perimeter mapping is the rising need for advanced technological security in this prison. The prison has been faced with a challenging requirement for maximum protection following two incidences of inmate escapes and a threat posed to the institution last time there were citizen riots and demonstrations in the nearby market center. The two cases of inmate escape were later followed up, and the culprits were rearrested.

Its combination with video analytics and the Sight-Sensor thermal cameras has a high sensitivity to slight movement and people, particularly coupled with high automation detection. Their high detection has enabled their vast use in the provision of high-tech security services in airports, refineries, and bridges, where the probability of intruders’ entry is high. This technology, coupled with the Geographical Positioning System-based analytics, has facilitated the accurate detection of intruders by triggering alarms whenever contraband approaches the smart perimeter mapping demarcated boundaries.

Effect on State Money

Upon installing this high-tech security program, our XY Maximum Prison security services will highly be boosted. The risks involved upon dismissal of this proposal are tantamount to the collapse of the institution. The state expenditure is highly spent on making security patrols around the institution and other technical inspections, which are financially demanding. The installation of smart perimeter mapping will be a saving program on the legislative expenditure since some of the previous institution's spending on security patrols will be catered for by one-in-time installation (Shrestha et al., 2017).

Costs incurred in miscellaneous activities such as the reported cases of inmates abandoning the prison will be covered and addressed fully, upon your consideration of this proposal. It was through such analysis that the prison management and I chose this proposal and placed a request to your able legislature to enable us to meet the quality security services required of an institution of our stature (Liao et al., 2020). The incorporation of the various technologies earlier discussed in this proposal will meet our budget proposal. It is our plea in this proposal you consider its implementation to enable us to offer guaranteed security services while at the same time saving on your overall budget.


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Shrestha, M., Johansen, C., & Noll, J. (2017). Security Classification for Smart Grid Infrastructures (long version).

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