Paper Sample on A Day in the Life: Balancing Football, Work, and Home Renovations

Published: 2023-11-15
Paper Sample on A Day in the Life: Balancing Football, Work, and Home Renovations
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3:15 AM: Waking up and preparing for football practice. My room gets filled with the sound of my wretched alarm, shocking me out of my sleep and thus initiating my day. As the saying goes productive mornings begin with early wake-ups. Then I get out of bed to brush my teeth, which is the first thing on my to-do list, and comb my hair as I get enticed by the coffee smell. I take a cup of coffee, which helps me feel more alert while kick-starting my metabolism. I grab a granola bar, and I head outhouse to begin my football practice.

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4:00 AM Arrival at Brady Field. I arrive at Brady Field, greeted by the parents and coaches present. I get ready to crush the training with football pads and protective equipment and then start to set up our training drills for the day. The arrival of Mr. Bailey with the ice and help me fill up water bottles.

4:30 AM: Practice is in full swing. I walked around the pitch while distributing water until I was called upon by the coach asked me to start filming football drills. Football shooting drills are the most fun part of football training, and players enjoy the shooting drills practice. Hence, I take my time and stand keenly as I record the shooting drills until I am joined by a parent who wants to talk to me.

6:30 AM: Cleaning up pads and driving to work. This is the time when I finish up football practice, whereby I clean up and put away every unnecessary equipment. It is at this time that I begin my day by driving to where I work.

7:30 AM: Arrival at my workplace. 18 Fawn Lane is the place where I arrive to start my day as a contractor. The major work to carry out on this particular day at 18 Fawn Lane is house renovation and framing walls, which I carry out.

12:30 AM: Lunchtime break: After a long day of house renovation and framing of walls, I drive back home for lunch. I begin preparing for my lunch, which is a hotdog, by putting water on the stove to boil. As I wait for the water to boil, I carry out some chores assigned by my mother to me. When the water boils, I place two hotdogs and tell my Alexa to begin a 7-minute time.

1: 30 PM: Heading back to work. Once I am done with my lunch, I head back to work to complete my assignment. Within two hours, I finalized the job by cleaning the house.

4:30 PM: Heading back home and renovating my basement. I started renovating my basement once I got back home since it was in bad shape due to flooding, and required renovation. I put down new floors and replaced water-damaged walls.

7:30 PM: Relaxing and having dinner: After a busy day of work, my day ends by relaxing while watching sports and eating dinner with my family.

Saturday and Sunday is the time I caddy to maintain my college scholarship and also put more energy into working and placing the money in my basement. Then, after a four-hour round every day, I carry out a few tasks to improve my basement.

It should be noted that I am a self-driven individual who is very diligent at work and also set to work hard for self-skill betterment and improving the lives of others around me. I am also a hard-working flexible and reliable person who learns quickly and is willing to undertake any task given to me. I enjoy meeting people and working well as part of a team, as well as the ability to work on my initiative and take responsibility. I have a professional approach to the workplace and am committed to training and development to help me fulfill my job role.

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