Paper Example on Program Implementation Plan

Published: 2023-01-23
Paper Example on Program Implementation Plan
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The program implementation plan is essential in ensuring that all the aspects are covered adequately and within the resources available. To ensure the success of a program, it is always necessary to plan on different stages and highlight the steps that will be required in the entire process (Salih & Doll, 2013). The implementation plan involves defining the processes of bringing strategic plans to life. The program implementation program covers everything from personnel and funding to different organizational or management activities to deliverables (Cocks, 2010). In most cases, with the lack of the implementation plan, it may become very difficult while identifying ways to achieve each of the stated objectives and goals.

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System Description

To ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program, there will be the incorporation of different resources and personnel or experts in different fields. The program will also involve the mobilization of resources which will come at a cost. The program will work in ensuring the protection of basic human rights regardless of their gender, age, race, social, and any other form of discrimination.


The program is expected to run for three months, and it run be implemented in three stages, each stage will take a maximum period of one month with each personnel operating in each sector. Some other factors that will be considered include resource availability and the skill sets of the people involved in the project. In the process of scheduling technology and software will be regarded; in other words, there will be a purchase of different computers and other communication devices.

System Organization

The program will involve different infrastructure; a system of the network will be involved to ensure smooth communication as well as budgeting systems. Specifically, the computer system will be used to enhance the storing of data as well as the development of accounting programs. The phones, as well as other computer products will enhance the storage of information and the computation of the budgets.

Management Overview

The program, the management will be organized into various ranks; there will be top level management that will consist of the Chief Executive Officers, the Manager, and Financial advisor. There will also be the departmental levels that will consist of different head of departments. The Financial advisor will be responsible for controlling the financial flow and use in the program. At the lower level, there will be low-level workers that will ensure the operation of different activities. In addition, at the lower level, there will be counselors, case managers, support services staff, and client assistance. Finally the project will incorporate causal workers who will facilitate different operational processes.


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