Obama Versus McCain - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-11
Obama Versus McCain - Paper Example
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Barack Obama, a Democrat, and John McCain, a Republican, had different views of how national affairs should be handled. Barack Obama had the ideology of change that happens because of the American people's demand, while John McCain had a different view, which contradicted the ideas of Barack Obama. They had different approaches to the most disturbing political issues that were going on around their nation (Halperin and Heilemann 3). McCain was a prominent supporter of the decision to invade Iraq. He wanted to keep the United States military troops there until the war came to. End and the United States won while an Illinois senator strongly opposed that idea and instead had a better one of removing the United States combat troops from Iraq since these people in the military troops had families and incase a different solution was applicable.

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Crisis on Taxes

They also had different opinions on the crisis on taxes (Halperin and Heilemann 3). McCain strongly supported the extension of President George Bush’s cuts and also cutting corporate rates of taxes after previously opposing the Bush’s cuts when they were being passed between 2001 and 2003 because he knew they would highly increase the budget deficit and favor the wealthy people living in the United States of America (Halperin and Heilemann 6). John McClain then defended himself, saying that the increase in bush’s cut would offer help to their struggling economy. On the other hand, Obama had an idea of letting the bush’s cut expire for wealthy Americans making over 250,000 dollars annually and raise capital gains tax rates that would affect high-income earners (Halperin and Heilemann 6).

Barack Obama was the first black president, and this made 30 percent of white Americans troubled. The media examination policy and emotional underpinnings of these responses that these expressed emotions of anxiety only showed these people’s racial attitude and racial policy belief, especially the ones exhibiting biasness desirability socially. However, Obama had no much concerns about the racial crisis that the black people underwent in America (Hughes et al. 18). His presidency was open-minded, and he wanted to become the president of the Americans and not the president for the black race. On the other side, McCain was also a republican with open mind and never showed any efforts in going campaigning against the black race in the united states of America.

However, the media made it look like the two candidates representing two races, which was the white race and black race, which was false because not all black people in America voted for Barrack Obama. Not all white people voted for John McCain. Instead, the Americans followed the two parties of democrats and republicans (Hughes et al. 20). These Americans were given freedom of choice to choose which party suited their needs and make a difference in the American nation (Hughes et al. 21).


Even though Barack Obama and McCain were rivalries, at the end of the day, they both loved their nation of United States of America so much that they wanted the best for the nation but not bringing chaos to the nation by preaching to Americans against each other which could cause civil war and loss of many lives in the name of fighting for the presidency (Hughes et al. 21). The president is always a symbol of unity and one nation which brings people together and does not divide them.

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