My Professional Behavioral Statements, Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-06
My Professional Behavioral Statements, Essay Sample
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Professionalism and work ethics are important in maintaining a good working environment for the employees and their managers. The professional behavior that a person displays is an indication of how well he knows the dos and donts of a workplace. Personally, I will live up to my standards and work ethics. As such, there are several personal professional behavioral statements that I want to live up to at workplace. Notably, these five statements will enable me to relate well with my fellow workmates as well as my bosses.

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Firstly, I will always be punctual and in most cases strive to arrive early in the workplace. Punctuality is important for me so that I avoid being at crossroads with my seniors. In this regard, I will try and do my utmost best to ensure that I arrive at the workplace very early in order for my bosses to always find me in the office. In so doing, I will command respect from the company and might even end up being promoted due to the fact that I respect my job.

The second behavioral standard I want to keep is that I will always dress appropriately on the official workdays. Being smart always brings a lot of respect from peers as well as the heads of departments of an organization. As such, I want always to be dressed very smartly, to serve clients very well and get honor from them. Depending on the kind of work I will be doing, I will be I the forefront in dressing decently and with decorum. Consequently, I will be an example to my peers.

Thirdly, I will always respect and courteously address my co-workers. The teamwork that is very key to the progress of an organization can be achieved when the workers are courteous to each other. Additionally, respect between workers ensures the operations of the company run smoothly and with little disruptions. As a result, I will be the person who will respect my fellow workers in the workplace to show an example.

The fourth professional behavior that I want to live up to is motivation. When an employee is motivated, it is likely that he will be more productive than when he has low morale. As a result, I will always be motivated and happy to perform the tasks that will be assigned to me. In this regard, I will undertake them with happiness while fostering high morale so that I can get good results from the work.

Lastly, I will always follow the chain of command. In this regard, I will recognize and respect the positions given to the senior members of the company. This will ensure that no employee will feel in subordinated or disrespected. Additionally, the heads of various departments will be motivated as they will feel respected and honored. Consequently, this will result in a good relationship with the other employees.

I chose the five aforementioned statements because it is my belief that they are core to maintaining a very stable and good working environment in any organization. In this regard, the five statements when followed can always lead to a successful career. I will work according to my statements in any organization. However, the problem that I foresee is that my workmates will feel that I am trying to be better than them in order to obtain favors. This attitude may affect my success according to my professional statements.

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