Mental Health Certificate - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-24
Mental Health Certificate - Free Paper Example
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A certificate in mental health is awarded to a graduate who has been professionally trained to deal with mental health issues and can be trusted in dealing with such issues if and when they arise. I am interested in becoming a professional social worker specializing in the area of mental health. As a result, obtaining a certificate of mental health would greatly aid my ambition of becoming a professional social worker. With a certificate, it is possible to become an approved social worker who can professionally handle patients and individual who have mental health issues. I am usually interested a lot in the department of mental health since I feel obliged to help people who suffer from mental illnesses and issues and help them recover in the best way I can. This is especially because most health practitioners do not specify in the mental health issues. As a result, most of the mental health patients have an inadequacy of the professionals that may help them. It has been my desire since I was young to venture into the mental health profession, especially as a social worker. From such a position, o would be able to help most people that are faced by such problems.

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Mental Health Counselor

I have gained a lot of experience working as a mental health counselor for two years. Over time, I have come across various and diversified aspects of mental health issues through attending to different patients who suffer from mental health issues. From my experience, I have been able to know that on average most people suffer from mental health problems with the only variance being to the extent to which they suffer. The daily activities that most people engage in lead to them being stressed or anxious or even both, a fact that eventually results in ill mental health. The surprising fact is that most of those who suffer from mental illnesses at an early stage do not realize they even have the problem.

Specific Cases

Over the two years I have worked as a mental health counselor, I have come across several specific cases of mental health problems that I also did not know they existed. I have had to counsel even children below the age of 14 years who had mental health problems. This surprised me a lot since it is assumed that children are not vulnerable to mental health issues. As a result, most of them suffer from such problems while they are not even noticed. Another discovery I have made is that there is a lack of awareness among most people as to what mental illnesses and health entail. This is because some only realize they were suffering from mental health problems after they are taken through the guidance and counseling session. This is bad since most of them suffer a lot before they realize that they need help. Lastly, there is also a problem in the fact that most family members do not know how to help out a member of their own who may be suffering from mental illness. Therefore, most of the patients I have come across also have loneliness and a feeling of being neglected since once those close to them realize they are not okay, they keep their distance from them.


Getting a mental health certificate would put me in a position of being able to work as a professional social worker. From such a position, I will be able to help most society members who suffer from mental health problems through counseling. Also, it will be possible for me also to create effective awareness in mental health issues.

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