Management Essay Sample on the Strategies for UNHCR

Published: 2022-04-18
Management Essay Sample on the Strategies for UNHCR
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UNHCR can take advantage of the prominent communication applications and develop ways of optimizing their field work and reach out to a more significant proportion of the community. For instance, the WhatsApp platform will allow the organizations to rapidly notify the registered benefactors or the sponsors of the service availability, and in this case enable outreach to a broader beneficiary group. It is evident that there exist numerous opportunities for mobile technology developers to continuously make innovations that will enhance humanitarian service provision (Kowalkowski, Gebauer & Oliva, 2017). Since this is a new concept in the humanitarian sector, it cannot be, but it requires an appropriate setting that will put the team in the right frame of mind to allow and embrace some of the change initiatives that it may bring. A conducive environment needs to be established that creates idea-promoting spirit and formulate a culture that supports motivation. Here are some of the strategies that can be used to promote the innovative idea within UNHCR.

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Create employee suggestion systems: Organization managers can examine employees for proposals and feedbacks as the first step towards idea promotion. Employees within the organization might have a lot of knowledge as the top level managers, more specifically those that deal directly with the affected people in camps or the front office. There is a need to implement an effective employee suggestion system, which will involve a slotted suggestion box placed in a strategic place. Bulletin board can also be placed at the break area or social rooms with sheets of paper and a pen attached for the employees to post their ideas in relation to the concept presented and make their suggestions. Subsequently, through technology, the management can ask for recommendations in line with my idea through email or social networking platform and share with other employees.

Adopt competition and challenges: Fostering competition within the organization is beneficial in promoting ideas. The management can organize contests where employees are allowed to submit their ideas in relation to the use of technology in enhancing humanitarian services to challenge my idea. Alternatively, judges can be selected who involve the entire organization and a secret ballot for their choice of the best idea organized.

Providing Incentives: One reason why different management foster to promote new ideas in the working environment is due to a reduction in revenue. Providing financial incentives for the employees that come up with ideas can be a motivating factor in idea generation. Through the incentives also, my idea can be voted for as the best and ultimately implemented towards ensuring quality services are offered to those affected.

Provide support for professional and personal ambitions: There is a need to provide support for the employees and motivate them towards idea generations that can enhance quality service provision to an organization. The organization can consider providing support for ambitions linked to a job or something that interests the employee personally. For instance, an employee can desire to continue with the studies outside work to enhance knowledge in relation to a subject. Based on my idea also, support should be provided to facilitate its effectiveness and the ultimate implementation process.

Acceptance by the Employer, Manager, or Colleagues

The management and the employees at UNHCR have increasingly acknowledged the game-changing possibility of the use of technology in humanitarian services. Among the many incidences that involve refugees and the distribution of relief services, technology tools show a definite feature of humanitarian delivery (Omata, Bloom & Betts, 2014). At the same time, it is evident that the concept will receive mixed reactions within the organization since it involves the aspect of change. Technology tools like WhatsApp or Facebook offer a link to families, news of conflict and humanitarian assistance in case a calamity arises or when there is a need. From the organization perspective, mobile hardware together with the numerous applications provide critical tools for communication and data collection. The idea will be faced with resistance or change negativity since many people don't like change. When handling the change issues that might be as a result of the new idea, there is a need to consider the issues, the people that might not embrace the change and formulate a way that can be used to correct the problem firsthand.

From the general perspective, the idea will finally be accepted since it will provide a lasting solution. This is because smartphone ownership, mobile technology, and internet accessibility remain widespread which, provides an upper hand to the idea implementation. Business owners have adopted and prioritized the creation of local internet connection but often of poor quality. However, this will be beneficial to the mobile phone users and those who might need humanitarian services in the future. The locals will take advantage of the internet services to engage with the families and friends through WhatsApp and other communication apps. The management, employees, and colleagues will use mobile technology first as a communication tool. They will take advantage of the Applications and create novel means of optimizing their field and outreach to communities. It is evident that the mobile technology tool is expected to enhance humanitarian service delivery hence continuously, will receive remarkable acceptance from all stakeholders.

Product/Service Competitive Advantage

Regardless of the nature of the organization, it is safe to attest that there have been significant changes in the working environment. The utilization of mobile technology in different organizations or industries has indeed altered how employees communicate amongst themselves and how business ventures are managed. It is common for employees and colleagues to work across offices and boundaries. At the same time, the internet has reduced the barriers to different boundaries, leading to an increase in service provision in humanitarian organizations across the globe. The inclusion of mobile technology, therefore, is expected to further enhance service delivery at UNHCR and maintain their market share.

In the current fast-evolving world, collaboration with other employees, suppliers, sponsors and other charitable organizations is fundamental to the success of the humanitarian organization, and the use of mobile technology will facilitate this. Through collaborative ideas, the organization can innovate and implement more quickly and at the same time drive a competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive sector (Boothe, 2016). For instance, UNHCR can partner with IBM to enable them to provide phones that are tailored to the purpose of the organization. It is evident that no product or service can be created or maintained in isolation. Landmarks such are the Shard was not constructed singularly by the architect, but there was a need for input and collaboration from residents, investors, and local business ventures. The idea of using mobile technology in humanitarian services is no exception. It requires collaboration with different stakeholders to challenge one another to maximize the innovation and its efficiency.

Through collaborative initiatives with different partners, digital engineering techniques will be used to eliminate risks that might hinder the success of the innovation. The stake...

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