In-Class/Online Case Study- Aggressive. Paper Example

Published: 2023-09-20
In-Class/Online Case Study- Aggressive. Paper Example
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Hostility is a term primarily used to mean behavior that is mostly intended to cause harm to other people. Client F is seen displaying aggressive behavior, which his wife states that he has been such from there before. The following questions address the issue concerning client F.

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Based on what you have seen so far in Clint's history, what factors might be making it most difficult for Clint to change his aggressive behaviors?

The wife of the client admits that the client has been displaying that behavior from before. It shows that the client has a family history of that kind of behavior. Another factor that might be causing that behavior is that the client has been raised by a severe and very disciplinary father. He confirms that by saying that, the only thing that he learned from his father is to give as well as he receives from the opponent in a war before they get a chance to destroy you before you destroy them. He had received his share of beating from his parent whom he claims to have made him a tough person, and nobody thrusts him nearby. The mother of client F claims that it was because of him, that they got married, and if it was not because of him, maybe he could have had a better life.

Risk assessment provides a level at which to evaluate individuals for potential violence. It enables the nurse or the healthcare provider to be on the same track of understanding. The act enables the communication between the client and the healthcare provider not to be misinterpreted. For this to be productive, the healthcare of the client F should ask questions such as his historical behavior and His childhood treatment.

According to the client's behavior, we can calculate the score according to the behavior displayed in the last 24 hours. Zero is used to indicate the behavior which the client has not displayed in the last 24 hours and one in any displayed behavior.

  • The patient was bad-tempered
  • There were no signs of inner anger
  • The patient talk had decreased
  • Client F was moody
  • His tone was menacing and miserable
  • Physical Aggressiveness had dropped
  • He was verbally aggressive
  • The patient is not angry for seeing others around him
  • In conclusion, the score will probably be;
  • 1+0+0+1+1+0+1+0=4

(1) What strategy has Bette just employed to help him calm down?

The nurse Bette decided to change the room for Mr. F to calm him down. I believe the strategy of changing room for the client and keeping him alone in a room with fewer stimulants will help Mr. F to cool down. Taking into the assumption that Mr. F understands the facts about therapy, I would suggest he prepare himself mentally for the group sessions. The healthcare Bette offered her options to choose from. He gave him the option to choose whether the evening sessions or the morning sessions for his therapy. It will enable him to feel controlling everything rather than feeling forced to do certain things.

(2) What other strategies might you suggest to Bette to "talk the patient down"?

On my look o would suggest the following strategies for Nurse Bette to calm down her patient;

Bette should keep her hands in an open posture out of pocket to avoid keeping the patient in a doubting mode.

She should speak in a peaceful, low, and cool say to the patient; this will help decline the patient's nervousness.

The nurse needs to assume a supportive role by assuring the patient that the staff is there to help and not intimidate. Also, the nurse needs to speak in a tone that encourages the client to keep and mention and control any violent impulse that may arise

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