Human Resource Challenges at Paradise Grand: An Evaluation

Published: 2023-11-26
Human Resource Challenges at Paradise Grand: An Evaluation
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At Paradise Grand, the challenge in the human resource department generated at the point where the misunderstanding between the human resource director and the housekeeping director. The housekeeping director had approached the human resource director to consider solving her challenges. The challenges were, however personal but depended significantly on the actions taken by the organization on solving the developing challenge. Therefore, this paper presents the evaluation of some issues in the case of Paradise Grand.

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The major problem in the case is the difficulty of the human resource department to solve employee’s issues. The director of housekeeping had presented her developing situation of possible divorce to the human resource director. The problem would force her to apply for the pay rise. However, the human resource director could not make a sudden change in the contract and change the interests of the employee through sympathy. Therefore, they had to realize other options that would help in addressing Sienna’s problem without interfering with the company’s interests. The alternative would include advising Sienna to consider contributing to a flexible spending account and also taking Consumer- Driven Health Plan to help solve the situation.

Improper communication is also an evident challenge in the case. Sienna, the housekeeping director who had presented her claims to the human resource manager, laughed at the new options as she had no idea of how they operate. The human resource director did not describe the options such as subscribing to flexible spending account and also other considerate health plan insurances. The company had not stated all the options to the employees that hey could choose to help fit their demands, an action that limited the actual abilities of the solutions to the employee’s welfare.

The other problem included rigid company rules. Sienna was honest when presenting her issues to the human resource director with the hope of getting the help of her situation. However, the company had policies that could not be altered easily. For instance, the human resource manager suggested that for Sienna to get a pay rise as she suggested, the company had to evaluate the case for at least six months according to the policy. The rigid policy showed the context that the interests of the employees could not be sorted immediately. However, alternatives were displayed to help every challenging situation the employees experienced.

Case Application 12- B Perks and Profits

The company shows a condition that is sensitively evaluated in the Biotech industry. The industry, Biotech have experienced the challenge of recruiting employees with adequate technical skills. However, they have realized that the factor of treating the employees with respect, sharing financial success and bonuses with the employees as well as sharing the success stories with the employees are sensitive approaches needed in dictating proper performances of the company in addressing the developing issue. Therefore, this analysis presents the evaluation of the problems developing in the Biotech company.


One of the significant challenges is the limited number of employees. In the Biotech industry, there is a minimal number of employees with adequate skills to operate the technology used in the industry. The company thus has the objective of limiting the employee’s shortage by engaging some exciting techniques. For instance, the company should consider initiating effective strategies for managing the talents, and also creating total rewards programs. Proper treatment of the employees would help in solving the developing challenges through ensuring the employee’s welfare is well-taken care managed. Every employee should therefore feel like part of the system is operating the company’s management.

The company’s culture is also another developing issue in the management of the employee’s welfare. The company has shown the situation best for spot fortunes. The company struggles to set excellent and fair working environment through initiating equity and proper working plans. The company recognizes every social class of their workers, thus promoting equity. The consideration of equity as a strategy of maintaining skilled employees has worked as the best solution for the company’s operations.

The developing issue of considering the employee’s welfare has worked for the company. The company that creates equal and fairgrounds for their employees have managed to create a proper environment for the employees to perform effectively. Since getting skilled employees is a problem, the company have considered realizing the most meaningful and practical ways that would be used in promoting the confidence of the employees generally. Therefore, Genentech and Zappos succeeded in registering higher employees’ ratings and also workplace satisfaction that are the most exciting concepts needed in managing and sustaining the best employees in the competent fields.


In conclusion, effective working environment is the most interesting factor needed to support proper operation of the company. in both cases, Case 12A and case 12 B, the human resource management would opt to provide quality environment for the employees. In the first case, the human resource manager would choose to support the suffering employee to help her family situation. On the second case, the companies in the Biotech industry would also maintain proper working environments through developing good strategies such as considering all social class for equity in the working environment.

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