How would you describe the organizational culture of a company you have worked for?

Published: 2023-03-04
How would you describe the organizational culture of a company you have worked for?
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I once worked for an automotive company called Tata motors, mainly in the sales department, as the sales personnel. Working in such a company gave me experience and knowledge to understand organizational culture. The company has a robust organizational culture that much concentrates on ethical conduct and moral values among employees in the organization. The organization also puts much importance on Corporate Social Responsibility, where it devotes most activities in developing the community around. For example, the organization offers scholarships programs to the needy students and also engages much in conserving the environment.

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Furthermore the company focuses on developing the community by offering employment opportunities. Over the years, such culture has been maintained by the management, hence it becoming a daily routine. The way employees are focused and united in the organization also defines the organizational culture of Tata motors. They all work towards the common objectives of the organization in teams that contribute to the success of the company. Religion is also seen in how all employees compete favourably, in meeting the goals of the organization.

How did this organizational culture manifest in the workplace, i.e. how could you tell that it was there?

In Tata Motors, one can quickly tell that the culture once existed, and it's still applicable by all members of the organization. The organization from the beginning has shown great concern for teamwork, and their focus is result-oriented. Up to now, ethical behaviours still guide employees both in the organization and outside the organization. Such is seen in the way it approaches its customers with great respect and how employees interact with each other. This means that such is a long practice in the organization, and every new employee of the organization is required to adapt to the way of doing things here.

Furthermore, the company is significantly improving on its products, where it focuses more on innovation. The use of teamwork and favourable competition among employees has been a long practice in the organization, where they majorly aim at improving customer satisfaction. That is, it puts more emphasis on quality, both in terms of its workforce and production. Hence training has been there for quite a long time, which equips employees with more skills to produce competent products. Also, the innovation has seen the quality of the products produced by the company all along improving, meaning that it has been employing innovation that enhances the quality of the products meeting the customer needs and specifications. That is revealed in its positive continuous employee feedback, and less complains.

For you, what would make a workplace culture "utopian"? (For instance, should employees at engineering companies have more control over their corporations?)

For a workplace to be made perfect there must be a significant focus on its most valuable resources that are employees. That is, there should be free interaction and involvement of employees in meaningful decision making. Hence, a perfect workplace entails employees having that freedom at work and getting involved in its vital processes because any decision made by the management always have the direct impact on employees. Employees at engineering companies should not have more control over their corporation. This is because as much as the organization is engaged in engineering practices, it also requires that they draw other skills from various fields such as management skills. Hence the management will have some control and ensure that all employees comply with the practices they will implement in the organization. Having more authority on the organization will limit the organization's performance because they may lack critical skills for management.

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