How to Pass Exams - Free Essay on Education

Published: 2019-05-28
How to Pass Exams - Free Essay on Education
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One of the primary functions of a school is to convert the theoretical knowledge people gain in class to practical applications outside the school. Notably, the ability to determine that the function mentioned above is achieved is through exams. As such, passing exam is a concern of every student to ascertain their understanding of what they have learned. While no scholar has enunciated any particular formula that can be devised to pass exam, there are agreeable tactics that if implemented students can excel in exams.

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The first major step to pass exams is through an extensive and intensive revision. Regular revision allows the learner to be well conversant with the theories and concepts that have been learned in class. Notably, a learner can decide which method of revision to implement: long period or short period. However, that should be dependent on the saturation point of an apprentice, but what is important, there should be a break for other activities to avoid brain overload and digestion of the revised content. More importantly, revision should be treated like a job, which should be done on specific time whether one likes it or not.

Another way to pass an exam is to understand the marking scheme and the structure of the paper. Specifically, it requires students to know the maximum marks that can be scored in exams and those that are gotten from assignments and course work projects throughout the module. This tactic can also be referred to as academic planning where students identify what they should get in assignments and main exams. Remarkably, the fact that in assignments students are allowed to refer and even ask friends, it of great prominence to score maximum in assignments in order to get easy time during exams.

Prioritization of subjects becomes an imperative facet of passing exams. In this case, students have to be honest and identify their areas of weakness and strength. As said by Tim Cook, the CEO Apple Corporation, people should capitalize on their strengths and neutralize the weaknesses. In this context, learners should work hard on subjects that threaten their performance and stop putting much effort on things they have already known. In most cases, learners like doing easy things they cognize, not having in mind that the subjects we do not understand are the sources of failure.

Lastly, confidence during an exam is another first line of passing the test. Under some circumstances, some students start panicking in the exam room. According to scholars, it is because some learners overrate exams: people often think how they will be treated after failing. In this context, although a proper preparation is obligatory, exams should be taken just like any other assignment to avoid panicking and loss of confidence which interferes with memory.

In the context that passing exams is another way of testing students understanding of what is learned in class, it becomes a precedence of all learners. Therefore, it is of great momentous to explore the tips and schemes of passing. Some of the forefront ways of passing exams is through extensive and intensive revisions. Additionally, students are required to understand the marking scheme and the structure of exams. Above all, working hard on areas of weaknesses and confidence in the classroom has also been proved as paramount factors of excelling in exams.

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