Essay Sample on How to Mow Your Lawn

Published: 2023-09-27
Essay Sample on How to Mow Your Lawn
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Several property owners feel mowing is an annoying task, whereas others see it as an opportunity to redecorate homes. Have you ever wondered how you will beautify your messy lawn? Don't worry. This essay will equip you with the best landscaping procedure to complete your task effectively and efficiently. Learning the process will provide you with the best landscaping skills to beautify your home. The main mowing tips are preparation of mowing equipment, cutting grass, and clean up.

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The first step is ensuring you have all the materials and equipment necessary to execute the task. The essential materials include a functional lawnmower, oil, gas, and water. There are many types of lawnmowers, select the best for your lawn. Use a riding lawnmower if the grass is large to save effort and time. Also, if the grass is small or has obstacles, use a manual walk behind the mower. Walk-behind mowers are commonly used in typical suburban homes and are applied in this process. Make sure your lawnmower is ready by checking cleanliness, oil level, the sharpness of blades, and gasoline. If the oil level is low, you can either change It or top it off. However, combine the oil and gasoline in a particular proportion before filling the tank. It is possible to overfill the tank due to its small size; listen to gasoline sound when pouring in the tank to avoid overfilling. When the tank is almost full, the sound increases rapidly, and you required to stop or reduce the pouring of gasoline. Check the mowing areas for objects like rocks, large roots, and branches before starting the mower. Moreover, set the mowing height depending on climate and type of grass. The perfect mowing height will range between two to three inches. Start the mower while holding down fuel cut off bar and then pulling the cord.

The second step is to mow the lawn. If you do not have a square or rectangular shaped lawn area, create one first by mowing around perimeter and obstacles such as trees. Convert the lawn into either one or more rectangles. If the ground is sloped mow side by side when creating the areas. In each rectangular portion, start mowing straight in a single line from one end to another. Turn the mower to and mow nearby row in the opposite direction. Repeat the process until the whole area is mowed. Mowing using a certain pattern avoids cutting the same place more than once. Several patterns can be either horizontally, vertically, and diagonally across the lawn or spiral. Mow according to grass height by not mowing more than one-third of the overall height. The use of a pre-thought pattern conserves time and makes mowing efficient.

The last step is cleaning up and inspecting the mowed area after completing mowing. Check if there is an unattended place and take care of it. Mowing produces grass clippings. The clippings are dealt with in several ways. However, they are not collected if there is proper management of the mowed area. Collect clippings only when they are thick and long, interfere with the area's usage, and there is increased potential for disease development. Otherwise, evenly distribute the clipping in the mowed area. Uncollected clippings have benefits such as adding organic matter into the soil. Afterwards, clean and store the mower in an appropriate place such as a shed.

Mowing is beneficial in the beautification of homes and property. The process involves three main steps: preparation of mowing equipment, cutting grass, and cleaning up. Proper mowing supports healthy and green grass as well as reduce weeds. Finally, mow during the morning to avoid heat and also do not mow after the occurrence of heavy rains.

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