Essay Sample: Good Communication Skills and Knowledge Aid in Solving Problems

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Sample: Good Communication Skills and Knowledge Aid in Solving Problems
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The video is about communication and how it is not the panacea to our problems but how it aids in the solving of the problems. For communication to aid in providing a solution, it must be ethical. The professor also insists that principality must be observed in communication. One must take note of another person's philosophy of communication so as not to offend the colleague. Again, what restores the nature of humanity is noted on our actions. Communication, by itself, is an action. The act of conversing, as such, it plays a pivotal role in defining humanity and guiding how people should live with one another. Therefore, as provided in the first section, the thesis seeks to expound on how people acquire skills and knowledge of being ethical.

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The Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge of being also the Adherence of Ethical Standards in Communication

The video thus insists on communication adhering to different ethical standards. It has to be accurate, honest, and full of reason. These tenets (honesty, accuracy, and reason) endorses the window of the diversity of perspective and the associated tolerance of dissent to aid in the acquisition of a responsible and informed decision making, an issue which is key to civil society. The attitude also determines efficacy in communication. How people speak to one another goes a long way in determining their behavior. An example has been given where Professor Marquita spoke to a young lady who was used to sitting in the concrete in her community and people were afraid it would be easy for her to be run over, however, the approach of the people did not change a thing until she stepped in. She spoke to her like a grandmother, and she changed the lady's attitude (Byrd, N.Y).

People must, therefore, strive not just to look into the problems or the behaviors of other individuals from a shallow dimension but should focus on the fundamental factors that could have led to the challenges. They should picture those involved from a humane dimension and develop amicable solutions. Further illustration has been given by the professor about her son who wanted to put on a particular cloth which the mother was against, but he reminded the mother of his age hence sending a message of being allowed to make his decision, an issue which the mother later saw sense in and offered her support. As such, the acquisition of skills and knowledge of being ethical begins with having respect for other people's opinions.

Reflection of the Discussion and my Opinion and Stand About the Entire Video and Whether it achieved its objective of addressing the Thesis

Based on the issues noted in the video, communication is considered key because it helps in solving most of the challenges that people have. However, it can only be efficient if people adhere to the ethical principles and standards. Lastly, I am of the view about the video digging deeper into some of the challenges that come to exist based on negative communication. As such, the audience would have a clear road map of ensuring efficacy in communication. The video effectively addressed the thesis, but the aspect of negative communication should be included in the future works to increase its quality and scope.


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