Free Paper Sample: President Trump - Four More Years

Published: 2023-12-08
Free Paper Sample: President Trump - Four More Years
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Political leaders' success is defined by the services they provide or wish to provide to fellow citizens. Donald Trump is one of the candidates who are aspiring in this year's US presidential seat. Before joining politics, Trump had a history of being one of the most successful businesspersons in the United States (Latimer et al., 2017). Through his presidential journey, he has experienced several critiques, and alongside them, several things can make him run the nation for the second term as an elected president. All politicians make some promises to the citizens that they would wish to fulfill after they are elected. Similarly, Donald Trump made some promises to the citizens living in the United States. He has managed to fulfill more than half of the promises, making him suitable for the presidential seat for his second term (Latimer et al., 2017).

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He has continually delivered for the forgotten Americans, especially those who are unemployed. Through his leadership, the rate of unemployment was significantly reduced before the ongoing pandemic. His government has filled the unemployment gap through job creation. The low-wage workers have experienced a significant increase in their pay. Approximately 57 percent of the people living in America have testified that they are better off in terms of financial capability since Trump took office (Latimer et al., 2017). He has also ensured that American citizens are employed in their line of expertise and skills, contributing to job creation, especially to the youth.

In matters concerning the American people's security, Trump has managed to get more money from the NATO allies. Since the year 2016, the allies have increased defense spending by around $130 billion (Latimer et al., 2017). The reports from the White House indicate that approximately twice the number of allies currently meet their commitment of spending 2 percent of their GDP on defense as compared to before Trump took the presidential office (Latimer et al., 2017). He has also authorized the withdrawal from the INF treaty which has served as a strategic setback to the United States' competitors such as China and South Korea (Latimer et al., 2017).

With Trump's support, the US government can test new intermediate-range missiles that were previously banned, thus allowing the nation to boost its competency compared to China's investment in weapon capabilities. Through this security intervention, Americans are likely to be convinced of their security welfare. He has played a significant role in protecting life rules through the withdrawal of Title X family planning funds. This decision has been backed up by the majority of the Christians living in the US. Therefore, his decision possibly earns him more votes from the Christian conservatives who have a higher probability of supporting him (Latimer et al., 2017).

Trump accomplished the operation of killing Baghdadi, who served as the Islamic State leader. The decision requires a tough leader to scrutinize all the political risks associated with the operation to take courage in initiating the risky mission. Joe Biden, a presidential candidate, running against Trump, could have probably not initiated the operation. At some point, Biden advised the former president, Barrack Obama, to quit initiating the mission of terminating Osama bin Laden (Latimer et al., 2017). The president of the United States, who also serves as the commander-in-chief should not possess political fears when it comes to making decisions to safeguard the citizens' well-being. From this scenario, Biden cannot take risks in such a crucial decision that has significant consequences if it fails. The United States needs to secure its superpower capability, and thus Trump has a chance to bid for the presidential seat for another term.

Through his tariffs, Trump has managed to crack down on Mexico's illegal immigration. Several awful activities are carried out alongside illegal immigration. They involve drug trafficking and illegal weapons. For the first time in recent Mexican history, they are under their immigration law. It arose after Trump's tariff threats were implemented. Mexico has sent a significant number of National Guard to its southern border to prevent unauthorized Central American migration (Rouner, 2019). Through the tariff threat, the United States, Mexico, and Canada have accepted free trade. It is a greater achievement that will help the investors to develop intensively. The tariff threats have as well resulted in a better partnership between the US and Mexico.

Basing the argument on his fight against terrorism, Trump has facilitated a great pressure campaign that has increasingly disabled Iran. The country is commonly known to fund terrorism activities. Trump's pressure has crippled Iran's economy, forcing it to cut its funding to the terrorist group such as Hamas and Hezbollah that serve as IRGC. Terrorism is a great threat to the American economy, and thus it has to be eliminated with boldness. Trump is known for taking great risks, and thus, he is capable of fighting the battle to the end (Rouner, 2019). From the previous battles, including the risky mission of eliminating Baghdadi, it is evident that he can serve in the presidential office for the second time.

Trump's act of donating his salary to various groups in the United States portrays his charity aspects. Before joining for his first term, salary donation was one of the promises he made to the Americans. Instead of keeping his presidential salary, he opted to go the donation way. Some of the departments that have benefited from Trump's presidential salary include National Park serves, transportation, health, Veteran Affairs, and Education. He identified that many youths suffered from drug abuse and contributed $100000 to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (Latimer et al., 2017). He had suffered the loss of his brother, who succumbed to alcoholism. It could be one reason that made him support the institute to help the young generation who suffer from alcoholism. The act of generosity is a forward thrush to the residential bid, thus making him suitable for the seat.

To minimize the cases of crime scenarios in the United States, a leader with the capability of controlling the gun supply has to be elected. Trump is such a type of leader due to his previous controlling guns in the United States. Before Trump was elected, the previous office spent a lot of years saying that the cornification of guns was around the corner. Trump made some efforts to embrace gun control with the help of the power that was granted by the Just Department concerning the banning of bump stocks. After the mass shooting in the United States that happened in the year 2017, he authorized the expansion of background checks to ensure people do not acquire guns illegally (Rouner, 2019).

Despite Trump's domestic and foreign policy achievements, he has some traits that require amendments for him to be a good president. One of the bad achievements he has made during his reign is introducing the public charge rule. It involves the rejection of immigrants’ applications to stay in the US. If they are accepted, they are not likely to access public benefits such as public health services. The rule was a bad move since the medical facilities' services were reduced to 25% after the proposal leaked (Stossel, 2020).

Trump has achieved many things in his first term that provide a stronger background to help his bid for the coming election. He is a business-minded leader who focuses mostly on making his nation more competent than other supernatural powers. With all the above achievements, Trump stands a chance to win against Biden. Despite him being associated with various critiques, he still has numbers and followers who believe in his capability. Therefore, Donald Trump has a greater capability of running the United States in his next term.


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