Free Paper Example on Consumer Analysis for Marketing Collateral

Published: 2023-11-15
Free Paper Example on Consumer Analysis for Marketing Collateral
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Java Been is a café that opens from morning to 9 in the evening and deals with café-style food and coffee and desires to expand and open new branches in various regions. The first stage of the consumer buying process recognizes the problem (Qazzafi, 2019). The client must identify the need they would want to accomplish after purchasing the product. For instance, the customers may buy food from Java Been when they are hungry or feeling thirst. Once customers identify the problem, they search the information to recognize where they can get the solution. Hence, Java Been has established its brand reputation through advertising sponsors and partnerships on collaterals and web where they receive new visitors. Also, consumers evaluate alternatives because they would buy products or services, they are sure since they are cost-effective (Nagaraja & Girish, 2016). Clients compare various options and eventually make the right decisions. The fourth stage is the purchase decision, where consumers may decide what to buy after understanding payment and pricing options. Hence, the customers make a purchase since they had created the need, completed the research, and decided to buy a particular product or service. Lastly, after making the purchase, the consumer evaluates whether they are satisfied based on their decisions. Hence, this report analyses various marketing collaterals that would fit to the Java Been to allow it improve more return and open new branches.

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These steps of the client buying process relate to marketing collateral because Java Been persuades the customers to buy its services or products in every stage of the purchasing cycle to improve the sales efforts. Java Been uses various marketing collaterals such as social media, blogs, visual or audio, and celebrity endorsement to market its products or services, leading to improved consumer purchasing process.

Customer Segment

The customers are segmented according to their behaviors because people are divided into groups depending on how they behave or act towards commodities or services. It is vital to recognize an individual's activities and interests in a diverse market (Litsiou & Nikolopoulos, 2019). For example, Java Been is café dealing with coffee which struggles to expand itself since it can accommodate artist, students, and individuals who would like to enjoy themselves during the night. Therefore, Java Been aims to segment the customers depending on their behaviors since it targets middle-aged and young people interested in recreational activities like listening to music as they enjoy coffee. In most cases, remote and self-employed workers like beautiful space where they would relax, especially at night (Kitchen & Proctor, 2015). Hence, Java Been employs attitudinal or behavioral segments where it divides clients into groups depending on their beliefs, opinions, perceptions, and attitude on their service or products.

Another customer segment is lifestyle and interest, which defines how customers travel, what they like to consumers or dislikes. The segments incorporate life stages of clients to divide into multiple groups based on different factors like marital status that is single, married, or retired (Cao et al., 2018). For example, Java Been would categorize target customers depending on how they live or activities they partake, such as healthy eating, interest, and hobbies. The café also identifies potential customers to understand their needs that are offering discounts to attain customer loyalty. Thus, Java Been segment the market according to the lifestyle to meet customer's needs because demographics and taste may shift or change with time (Litsiou & Nikolopoulos, 2019).

Therefore, Java Been decides to open the branches around towns to attract target audiences since the young and middle-aged population interested in consuming coffee and enjoy recreation services reside within cities and towns. Also, opening new branches will allow the café to make colossal investment returns as well as create more employment.

Cultural Considerations

Various cultural practices need to be considered during market segmentation that is symbols that entails language, whether unspoken or spoken. Language should be regarded as when segmenting markets in terms of behavior since marketers should realize the language to use while marketing. For instance, marketing to immigrants who speak their native language needs consideration to convey appropriate information. Symbols may also entail drama, music, folklore and dance. Also, rituals can be considered because it is repeated and learned since they play a crucial role in birthdays, marriages and graduations. Thus, Java Been segment market according to a lifestyle where it considers customers ritual practices to ensure their interaction when selling and promoting services or products.

Brand Ideals

Java Been is employing various strategies to attract potential customers, such as offering unique and valuable products and services that meet the client's needs. The cafe builds brand image because it relies on its history where it hosts exhibitions, local bands, and meetings where it becomes an essential part of arts and has been involved in factory mil buildings. The owners struggle to offer a creative environment with gourmet coffee and baked goods and music, which motivates the artist's soul. Therefore, the Java Been history and vision attract customers because it withstands competitors offering the cafe relies on various marketing strategies such as blogs, celebrity endorsements, and social media to create awareness. Advertisement convinces the customers to continue purchasing products and create awareness of the existing brand or commodities. Based on behavioral segmentation, Java strives to host celebrities' shows to meet customer's interests because young individuals love entertainment. The cafe has retained customer loyalty by offering excellent products and services because it understands its lifestyle based on market segmentation.

Persuasion Techniques

Java Been relies on constituency and commitment principles because it attains clients’ loyalty by making them commit to their services and products. The cafe spends little time convincing clients to endorse or buy their products because it established reputation through encouraging public commitment by rewarding them. Thus, considering behavioral segmentation, the Java Been is committed to offering quality products and services to the clients consistently without limitation based on social status, occupation, or cultural background. Another principle that relates to the lifestyle market segment is liking because the cafe complies with customer's requests because they impact the progress of the cafe (Merilä, 2015). Besides, Java Been may use social media networks to convey information to the customers who are far or hold a friendly conversation with the ones around to establish social interactions and relationships.


The cafe should embrace social media as marketing collateral because the world is emulating the internet as it can market itself through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is cost-effective since it will enable Java Been to have high investment returns and involve customers through interactions (Ovchinnikov, 2017). Also, employing online advertising boosts brand loyalty since clients can connect with workers as it is a communication and networking platform leading to their retention.


Java Bean is a cafe that started for the last three years offering coffee drinks where it focuses on establishing its brand in new areas. The clients are segmented based on their behaviors since individuals are divided into groups depending on how they behave or act towards products or services. Also, the café segment customers according to their lifestyles and interests, which defines what they like doing. Based on research, the café needs to segment customers in terms of behavioral and lifestyle. Java Been should also embrace various marketing strategies, mainly social media sites, to connect with multiple customers through communication and interactions. Following Census Bureau and international Date Base in the United States, Java Been need to rely on the principle of commitment and consistency to boost customer retention and loyalty. Lastly, the café should emulate the liking principle to help it comply with customer's requests, needs, and expectations.


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