Free Essay Sample on Hautatogical Learning

Published: 2022-06-17
Free Essay Sample on Hautatogical Learning
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What is hautatogical learning?

Hautatogical learning is where creativity is used in applying skills and competencies in the new situations in the complex word which is ever changing. It determines the competitive ability of an individual, flexibility allows change and handling all the challenges that are faced. When people are working as a team, they can also learn from each other's mistakes and even assist in being creative by contributing ideas (In Hase, 2013).

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How can be hautatogical learning be applied in supervisory and management roles?

Supervisory and management roles are necessary for the determination of the success of an organization. The leaders have to be aware of the changing business environment and always use creativity as a way of achieving a competitive advantage and making sure that the company is productive. The managers and the supervisors have to be self-determining such as establishing their strengths which they can capitalize on and work on their weaknesses to avoid failing the people they are leading.

What is the benefit of using heutagogy?

The approach is about learning from the mistakes that people make in their daily activities in combination to those being made by other people. It is self-determined learning where one can make a mistake in one operation and on the next time, they work on that mistake, thus perfecting their overall processes. When people are working together, for instance, several supervisors in different departments in an organization, they can measure their performance to establish who is acting better than the other. The rest supervisors can learn from the mistakes that one makes and then correct them. The tool supports empowerment, where an individual can be able to lean their weaknesses after self-evaluation. Once an individual is aware of where they perform worst, they can work on these weaknesses to make sure that they do not affect their daily operations, especially in work as it will reduce their performance. One becomes open-minded since the concepts encourage being creative and exploring all possibilities is allowed especially when solving problems or making decisions. There are lots of capabilities provided by the concept which a person can explore to help in improvements. Since there are no measures, all the capabilities offer improvement chances (In Blaschke, In Hase and Kenyon, 2014).

What are the elements of hauntological learning?

Approval is where an individual is willing to be creative in the environment which they are working, considering the dynamism of the surrounding and changes that require to be implemented. The facilitators in the environment are the factors which support self-determined learning, for example, the technological changes; an individual has to keep up with all of them. The choice is another element, where a person can choose to learn and improve or to ignore the indicators they have from the surrounding. Agreement element is where an individual makes contact with the company, for instance, on how they should lead the organization considering that some of the individuals may express their attributes such as controlling which may interfere with the smooth running of the organization. Assessment is where the performance of an individual is done to determine if they had achieved the goals they set when they started working in the organization. Feedback is given after assessment to determine the areas which require improvements.

Does hautatogical learning face any challenges?

Facilitation of the concept is harm. In most organization, they have rules and standards which hinder self-determined learning. Some attributes such as critical thinking may be allowed since the possibilities that exist are excess. If facilitation were to be approved, then a violation of most company standards would be interfered with. Time is another obstacle, since self-determination requires learning, making mistakes and learning from them again to better oneself. All the time may not be available, especially in a business which is dedicated to making profit and room for errors is not allowed (Veletsianos, 2016). Culture is another issue facing the concept of learning is affected by the background of an individual. The culture of an organization operates maybe different from that of cultural beliefs of a person thus creating restrictions on learning and acting freely. The assessment is a challenge since people can evaluate themselves depending on what they believe their performance is and measures provided by a company.

What are the skills which support self-determined learning?

The advanced technological features support content creation, social rapport and creativity, content modification, information aggregation, and discovery and sharing of content. The current technology has made it easy to be created due to the wide knowledge available which creates more possibilities of learning and providing solutions and mostly improving the knowledge of an individual. In heutagogy, a double-loop learning method is provided. It helps in group collaboration, where an individual learns from the people around, for example, in an organization, one interacts with the employees and learns their strong points. On the other hand, the approach offers capability development where all the available chances are explored. One has to improve by attaining the required digital literacy skills so that they can fit in the current world.


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