Free Essay in Education Management: Faculty Layoffs Ranking

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay in Education Management: Faculty Layoffs Ranking
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Reflecting on the Greenhill Colleges scenario, it is evident that an asymmetric risk faces the school. It is not a risk that can lead to the full shuttering of the college's existence but can certainly lead to the destruction of the college's educational morale. However, the decision they make now as an institution will determine the progress of the school this financial year and in the short term and the long term. The school will not be saved out of luck but only through the decisions and the steps that they initiate so as to circumvent the on-setting crisis.

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Critically speaking, the faculty layoffs should be established or ranked in terms of who adds much value in the academic sector, who has many tasks in the faculty and the school and finally, who has much experience in the institution. The more the experience; the more roles and value the faculty member is assumed to add to the college and should thus be more withheld in the institution.

Wallace Stanton should be the first to go. This is because he has not established any commendable relations in his sector of marked in his bibliography, his sector (Economics) has stagnated regarding progress for the last five years. Furthermore, he does not establish good social (emotional) relations with his colleagues nor with his students. Not to be too harsh, but he is a more of a liability in the faculty of economics it would not deduct so much from the system if he leaves.

The second person should be Franklin Ikaswa. The bibliography clearly states that his major is costly to run and very competitive from other state schools. Whats worse is that the major has hardly grown in the last several years. The fact is that if the major is as costly as it sounds, it should be effected in a more successful manner, but Franklin clearly does not match to this caliber since he does not deliver effectively in his teachings. He does not have an educational motivation based on the fact that most of his career was initially spent in a company, not in teaching. He is more of a technical individual who certainly faces much trouble teaching.

Isabella Gomez should be third to go. Albeit the fact she has the best of relations with everybody in the faculty including the students, her major has deteriorated in terms of growth in the recent years. Furthermore, she is yet to finish her Ph.D. studies and to let her go would result give her more time to better her studies.

Tom Patterson should be the fourth to go. This is because, even though he is good at what he does (teaching), he tends to teach a major that requires many resources, and it could be easily assimilated into the business and economic department. Furthermore, the lecturer tends to have a bad reputation in the school (cited for drunk driving) which means that even though he is a good lecturer, and considering that he has much close contact with the students, he might be a bad influence on the students.

Sarah Tangent should be the fifth to go. Despite the fact she is the among the smart lecturers in the college, she tends to have a negative attitude towards what the school offers her. She has a caliber that she sees the students do not match. This means that she classifies herself as very smart and expects all the others to match to it, the college cannot afford her and should release her to find a better institution.

Morris Simpson should be sixth to go. He is a big resource for the for the faculty and should be retained from as long as possible This is because he has established a good rapport with everyone and has hugely contributed to the growth of his department. Even though he is conservative in his religious and political views, he makes a resourceful lecturer whom the school should value until they finally have to let him go.

Claire Sutton having an experience of twenty years should be the seventh to go. She has established quite a good reputation in the college and yields good performance in her major. Even though her majors have dropped in the recent years, she tends to show a lot of enthusiasm for her subject and her passion enables her to deliver to the students efficiently. She should be held in the school until it can no longer do since she adds more value to the school than she takes away.

Elise Singleton should be the eighth to go. She has passion for her subject. That is based on her lengthy experience (12 years) at Greenhill and the mentorship she offers her students; she is a big resource for the faculty. Considering her fathers position also, she would be hard to eradicate from the system, no matter how much she intimidates other members of staff. Additionally, she has managed to maintain her major at a commendable level though she should do better.

Calvin Knox should be the ninth to go. Considering that his major has been a major source of funds for the college ($1000) and the experience (24 years) he has been in the institution not to forget his role in the Presidents Council, he should be the last to go. He is a big resource to the institution.

Lastly, Bill Sand should be assimilated in the faculty since he is of value to the school. He loves his job; he loves the institution. He should however be pressured a bit so as to see his department improve rather than remain stagnant. He is resourceful to the institution and has established an excellent rapport with everyone which is a positive thing about him.

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