Extent Learning a Second Language - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-19
Extent Learning a Second Language - Free Essay Example
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In today’s increasingly interdependent and interconnected world, learning and being proficient in other languages is an essential skill that offers individuals the opportunity to engage more with the world in a more meaningful way. People who learn a second language for study or work may lose their language identity. Speaking a second language is a must, but we should hold into language identity so the culture will not be forgotten. Each language has its own identity that people should protect it and also speaking another language won’t affect the language's identity.

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Language and culture are intertwined. Language is a symbol of identity, and it is mainly used to signal identity that represents a particular culture. People are categorized in their various cultures based on the languages they speak. There are many social groups that people can be identified through them since there is always a specific language for each social group creating a particular social identity. Social histories are defined by a language that is used in a range of social groups in which various identities are born based on religion, gender, race, and social class (Ron, 2016). Social-cultural activities create multiple opportunities for language use and group identification. Language poses individual skills, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of a specific culture. Body language greatly helps people to identify others within a society since it is viewed as a part of the language. There are various elements of language that are popular in the development of self-identity. For instance, dialect is used to identify a particular social, ethnic, and religious community.

A language is a powerful tool that is capable of shaping a person’s identity ultimately. The usage of phrases and words profoundly impacts an individual’s character in a meaningful manner. Language consists of a powerful concept that mainly aids in building new experiences and relationships. It plays a significant role among individuals; notably, they speak to one another based on tonality, attitude, and posture. In this context, language is likely to create a positive impression about an individual (Ron, 2016). An individual with a clean presentation of formal language and stiff posture shapes the identity through creating an impression and respect towards the individual. The language also creates another perspective towards an individual, especially informal presentation, which tends to decrease the respectful impression, and at the same time, it can provoke a friendly impression. Language not only defines a person’s identity based on phrases and words but also posture and presentation.

Speaking another language will not affect the Culture

Society and culture can influence words and languages that people learn and speak. The new language that people speak is also capable of affecting their societies, and if they are not careful, they might end up losing their cultures. However, when people stick to their cultures, they can learn a second language while protecting their culture from being lost (Blomquist, 2009). Culture is determined by the nationality or native language of the individuals. When an individual learns a different language from the one they were taught, it does not affect the way they think and the cultures that they have always followed. New languages do not create any cultural difference as long as the people learning; it has enough cultural awareness of their ways of living and what is expected of them.

Balancing between languages will not affect the culture of individuals because speaking a language that is not within the cultural spheres they have followed since they were children is capable of opening engagement paths with differing aspects of culture that are associated with the language (Blomquist, 2009). Unlike learning one language which may create deeper community connections, a balance of the languages establishes a balance of cultures; hence individuals learn how to speak a different language, but they do not follow new cultures. People should ensure that they preserve their cultures and avoid changing their beliefs when they are learning new languages so that they do not lose them and adopt foreign cultures.

Learning new Languages helps us to Communicate with People Worldwide

Learning new languages will help us improve communication with other people when traveling to other countries. To travel across the world, whether for pleasure or business purposes, a desire to learn new languages is necessary. The new language will offer a chance for individuals to communicate with the new people they meet in various dialects (Soomro et al., 2015). The ability to communicate in a different language from the native language has become increasingly important in the global business community because it helps to cement a good relationship with the people in foreign countries. Communicating with the people in other countries in their native languages is a significant step in creating a stable and lasting international relationship. Learning a new language is a crucial aspect to improve communication between people from different countries as it helps to change their attitudes towards foreign cultures and learn how to interact with them positively.

Standardization of languages will help in making the world a better place in terms of education and finance. English is designated as a source of communication between cultures and among people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as they tend to learn different languages to satisfy their communicative needs in their professional and academic careers (Soomro et al., 2015). The process of learning a second language requires individuals to practice various linguistic forms as well as gain familiarity in cultures of the target languages for a straightforward interpretation of intercultural communication.

When children are getting their education in school, they benefit from learning new languages because it helps them interact with other people and appreciate their cultures. In terms of finance, learning new languages help us communicate directly with new companies and clients in their native languages; hence it becomes an essential step in founding a stable international relationship in business (Soomro et al., 2015). Multilingual people also benefit from the foreign language they learn because they can stay ahead of their peers in competing for jobs and high prestige financial positions.


Despite the benefits that learning a second language have on individuals from various countries all over the world, it might lead to a loss of language identity if not balanced. However, if people learn to balance between languages and culture, they do not lose their cultures. Learning a new language can aid in the discovery of other cultures and improve the flow of information for better connections worldwide.


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