Essay Sanple on Schools: A Vital Space for Fostering Connections Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Published: 2023-06-26
Essay Sanple on Schools: A Vital Space for Fostering Connections Amid COVID-19 Lockdown
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The school allows children to create friendships, study, and explore the world away from their homes. However, the coronavirus has led to the closure of schools for the near future. Furthermore, communities are in lockdown; therefore, children are cut off from their peers. The lockdown is highlighting the significance of schools as the primary grounds to communicate and create friendships for pupils. However, the education system faces numerous challenges when in session. The following paper analyses some of the ways we can improve the education system.

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Schools should introduce round tables and do away with the rectangular tables. Adding round tables enables children to keep track of the teacher. This change increases the attentiveness of students while ensuring that all students are visible to the teacher. Additionally, this improves the discipline of the students. Furthermore, it enhances the role of the teacher as a leader within the classroom. In addition, roundtables encourage students to increase their interactions with each other and engage in discussions.

Many teenagers are at risk of suffering from diabetes. They are at risk due to the high consumption of processed foods and carbonated drinks that they eat. However, schools should redesign school cafeterias and offer healthy meals. There is a need for more fresh vegetables and fruits in the school. Additionally, servings should be adequate to sustain the students for the rest of the day.

The coronavirus has forced schools to offer online classes. The success of online courses indicates a possible shift in the learning experience. Going ahead, online courses and distance learning are going to be increasingly common. In addition, various learning tools allow students to learn remotely. For example, there are YouTube tutorials and video applications such as Zoom and Skype that will allow children to learn in their homes. Furthermore, online classes are cheaper than in physical courses. This is because; online courses do not require regular transportation. Additionally, online courses negate the idea of building more schools to meet the growing demand for education. Distance education may experience some teething challenges, and it may face opposition from supporters of the traditional model of education. However, distance education is the future, and society has to adapt.

Schools should pay more attention to school counselors and psychosocial support providers. Students are facing numerous challenges. They are susceptible to online bullying, while the growth of social media ensures that they face more peer pressure. These challenges may lead students to depression and eating disorders. Another factor that predisposes students to depressions is poor treatment by teachers. Some teachers correct students rudely in front of other students. This treatment harms the self-esteem of the student. They might react by withdrawing from the other students, developing anger management issues, and in extreme cases, they may drop out of school. When students have access to a counselor, they will receive advice on how to cope with their challenges. Students should learn to pick themselves up when they fail. Additionally, teachers should also attend counseling to enable them to resolve their stresses.

Schools must allow students to choose their preferred subjects and how they would like to study them. Some students are forced to take sciences and mathematics, which makes them suffer academically, yet they have talents and abilities. Furthermore, some students fail in some units due to inferior teaching methods and teacher-student relationships. Therefore, the education system should be suitable for all students. Hence, schools should pay similar attention to academics and arts and sports.

Additionally, the school schedule should be changed. Students should attend classes earlier in the day when their brains are fresh and active. However, by attending class early, students have more time to engage in extracurricular activities and interact. However, a shift in the school schedule should ensure that students have adequate sleep and rest.

Advantages Of Education

Education allows children to identify and learn appropriate means of achieving their goals. A case in point is Caine, a young boy who had opened his business near his home. However, he did not make any sales. Despite his parents urging him to rest, he persevered until he made his sales. This story highlights the entrepreneurship and independence skills that Caine has learned from school.

The school instills responsibility. Having a regular timetable ensures that students are engaged either in the classroom or extracurricular activities; however, while at home, they lack the close follow up teachers offer. Furthermore, by being strict with students and following up on their activities, teachers ensure that students overcome negative habits such as procrastination. Without frequent interactions, student friendships are at risk of fizzling.

The coronavirus is changing society massively. Prior to the virus, schools faced challenges such as a poor diet, peer pressure, and tables that discourage open interaction. By considering using round tables, increase the number of counselors, and encourages the use of online classes, education will become more efficient and affordable. However, parents need to keep their children busy at home.

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