Engaged Listening in the Music Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-28
Engaged Listening in the Music Essay Sample
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Engaged listening is the aspect of paying attentive concentration through one's body, language, style of response, and attitude towards what is being played (Clements, Pearson & Chang, 2015). As such, engaged listening in the Dominican musical culture requires that the listener focuses on the position of their body, various pauses and the melody of the music (Morton, 2014). It is true that during this time careful attention to the music important as letting the music wash over you, allowing you to respond to it emotionally.

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Title: TomaMi Vida

Composer: Milly featuring Juan Luis Guerra

Artist: Milly featuring Juan Luis Guerra

Musical Elements of the Song

Rhythm and Tempo

Long, even, repeated and syncopation rhythms in a slow and moderate accel tempo Rhythm:

Even, long, pulsing, repeated and syncopation.


Slow, peaceful/ moderate and accel


Melody starts with an ascending pattern which is combined with a disjunct motion with a fairly low pitch and steps and leaps which have long phrasesPitch:

Treble, low and ascending


Disjunct, steps and leaps, long phrases, vivid motif

Harmony and Texture

Homophonic harmony with a sparse melody accompaniment with block cords and a resolution

A medium texture accompanied by several instruments Harmony:

Melody, accompaniment,sparse, homophonic block cords and a resolution


Medium, sparse with many instruments


The music sounds bright and happy means its based on a happy atmosphere Tonality:

Major, indistinct, bright and happy tone

Dynamics and Articulation

Main dynamics is soft with a crescendo at 1:00. Articulation is smooth Dynamics:

Soft and crescendo




A bright clear mellow timbre

A bright, clear and mellow

Form and Structure

Thematic form with a binary and the first theme is repeated.

The actual structure begins with AABA with a short introduction Form:

Theme with a binary form


Consequent and bridge


Romantic suite at all times Place, time and purpose

Personal Response


The music is moderate and makes me feel like am tamping my feet on the floor with an appealing sound I tamped my feet on the flow

The sound of the music was soft and appealing


The romantic mood was created by me. The music could help me concentrate on what I was doing fully without listening to other distractions. My emotions were carried away by the music It made me feel a fantastic

It created a romantic mood

It helped me speed up on writing my romantic poem


This piece reminds me of a movie I watched once where a guy was fighting hard to restore their lost love A mental image of a love affair

A memory of a romantic movie I watched

I thought about how people struggle with relationships making me get lines for my poem

Overall perception

Two-word Description:

Exciting, fast


5- I greatly enjoyed this piece pretty well because it was exciting and brought back my exciting memories about a movie I once watched. 5- Greatly enjoyed


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Morton, M. (2014).Afro-Dominican Music from San Cristobal. Dominican Republic

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