Dominant Impression Essay Sample

Published: 2020-04-27
Dominant Impression Essay Sample
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Thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a particular environment or mentality, have a specific interest that relate to an individual impression within a person. The personality changes when one of the senses has a slightly different occurrence from another emotion that would be defined as part of the interaction and appearance that explain a particular impression. As such, dominant approach is vital in such ways, and the feelings or emotions involved have a definition of such occurrences. This study will cover a definition of a dominant impression, support of dominant impression with a descriptive material and the inclusion of all senses.

Definition of a Dominant Impression

A dominant impression describes the perception that is conveyed to the reader. For me, happiness is an expression that brings light to the soul in dark moments, through creating assurance and determination to forge ahead; regardless of the position, people have placed a particular individual. Happiness is the candle that lights in a dark tunnel, which would be recognized as a special information and feeling for the faint hearted and less fortunate, in terms of love and issues affecting people in the society.

Support of Dominant Impression

A mental as well as an emotional condition that refers to constant positivity and adherence to preserving in situations, that turns out as positive. The effective means of communication that relate to mutual understanding, joy, and contentment would be an accurate perception of hope and recognition. Therefore, happiness is an all-around feeling, which would have a reasonable ability in describing the range of stability from a point of reference, depending on the environmental approach. The recognition of happiness is marked by the United Nations, who declared the International Happiness Day, as a way of recognizing the primary goals, which would be portrayed` through different feelings and abilities within a person.

Inclusion of Five Senses

I observe dark brown and golden onions from the pot of soup, which have a delicious taste from the first trail. The smell is exotic and breathes taking, as this triggers the appetite of eating the white rice, with the brown onions covered in it. I hear a voice from a child within the room that shares the same definition and expression with me, for an accurate soft-spoken voice of the child that appears refreshing and yearning for a white rice. From the appearance, I see a natural grain, made of an incredible scent that ensures accurate alteration from such emotions and feelings that are mixed up within the same trail. I feel the aromatic appearance affect the rest of the family, and this defines the synthetic smell that influences the growth and maintenance of the healthy skin. As I wait patiently for the food, I hear whispers from the house targeting the served food, which would be splendid when on the table. As such, an accurate alteration of certain feelings and emotions, mixed within the same range, customize my view of expressing the way I fed and was full, until I had to take a nap for an hour for an exotic and peaceful rest.


The expressions, feelings, emotions and impressions intended to pursue individual approaches have an exceptional view, especially when expressing situations, which matter to certain individuals within the society. The dominant idea helps in individual and direct expressions of feelings and experiences within a particular range or environment.

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