Free Essay Describing the Nutrorims' Managerial Case Study

Published: 2022-02-17
Free Essay Describing the Nutrorims' Managerial Case Study
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Description of the Managerial case study

The key issues which are tackled in the case study are the decision making, leadership, decision analysis, crisis management, product recalls and organizational culture and behavior. The products from Nutrorims have always been gaining attention from the public hence ensuring the sales of the organic performance-enhancing supplement powder, ChargeUp, go up. The introduction of the ChargeUp with Lipitrene in the market has caused the expectations of people to rise. The CEO of the company, Don, has tried to develop a democratic culture which is inclusive but decision making in the company is problematic due to conflicts and crisis. After the ChargeUp Lipitrene has been released, Rifkin is called by an investigator from the Minnesota state department of health reporting that the individuals using the product are having gastrointestinal distress. The management of Nutrorims is deciding whether to conduct a recall of the newly introduced supplement. Steve Ford who is the head of R&D tries to prove that there is nothing wrong with the introduced ChargeUp by providing citations of the toxicity studies carried out on humans and animals. Individuals who are the head of legal and PR want to take a step forward and stem the negative publicity through recalling the new product and issue a press release on this effect. After the company makes a conclusive decision of recalling the product, the investigators from the health department call the company and tell them the individuals who had gastrointestinal distress had taken a bug from the gym's smoothie bar (Garvin 18). The close call made the management of Nutrorim to bring a consultant who was going to review the decision-making process of the company.

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Diagnosis of the problem at the company

The company CEO is wondering the reason why his company makes poor strategic decisions. The bad strategic choices tend to be caused by the leadership style, corporate culture, conflict management techniques and the data management present in the company. The consultant, Bryer, addresses Don's self-awareness since he keeps on relying on his committees for decisions towards the activities carried out in the company. Don thinks that he is carrying out democracy in the company hence not realizing that he jettisons accountability and decision making to other individuals. The consultant advises Don not to have an inclusive style of leadership since it does not provide solutions to every problem (Garvin 18). Bryer emphasizes on the utilization of the single process in decision making since they require quick action, bold leadership, and different solutions.

On the other hand, conduction of the "look back "during the recall in the process of making decisions will help Don in exposing the flaws of the solutions he had provided through a committee consensus approach. The committee which was included in making decisions was an appropriate move but was not executed well. Don could have involved a team which had experienced and most relevant members by including Ford. Promoting diversity could engender the decisive dialogue which helps in exploring multiple options with informality, closure, and openness (Kahneman, Dan and Olivier 50-60). Advising Don to be the leader of the significant discussions which lead to some company's decisions will help in pushing the management committee to be considerate on the moderate advocacy and options which emanate from squeakier wheels.

Don' general act of making decisions led to losers and winners as the outcome. Applying an inquiry-driven committee could be of help after determination of the magnitude to the decision made by the CEO "Don." Also, he can approach conflict while still on the meeting through the application of the single method of decision making (Garvin 18). The committee of the company tended to work effectively when there was predictability on the problem is approached. The meeting will help in the acquisition of the necessary information that aids in mitigating particular challenges in the organization.

Also, Don requires to expand his tool kit for making decisions. Involving Gibson Bryer helped in developing cooperation among them which caused him to become open. Openness in the company calls for change hence making it outdo some of the challenges which are encountered in the organization (Garvin 18). Bryer helped Don to develop other styles of making decisions which might enable him to mitigate the risks included in the organization.

Possible solutions to the case study

Categorizing the management depending on their information use will help in the maximization of gathering information towards finding a solution to a particular problem. Don's optimistic thinking about the management would facilitate in developing knowledge towards a groupthink. Also, Don's duties of a leader would be reinforced by being directly decisive towards the issues encountered in the company since he will include an integrative culture of making decisions. To ensure Don conducts the new strategy of making decisions, Bryer has to carry out a monthly lookback of a year. This strategy will help in dissecting and doing an evaluation of how effective the decisions made are (Kahneman et al 50-60). Davenport's inventory stages will facilitate the examination of outcomes present in the company.

The utilization of a single strategy of making the decision will disenfranchise the senior management who were responsible for making bad decisions in the company. Use of Ford and Wiseman who have strong personalities in the process of making the decision will help in challenging the committee. Some managers in Nutrorim might quit due to the changes imposed in the management. The morale of the company's team will drop since there will be a new integration of the company's management. Motivating the administration will help in improvement of Nutrorim morale hence production of products that will fetch appropriate profits in the market without having adverse effects on the consumers (Kahneman et al 50-60). The new process of making decisions in Nutrorim might alienate those workers who are satisfied by the status quo.

Since inclusion and communication are the strengths of Don, the obstacles which affect performance at the company will be overcome. To notify the employees concerning the findings of Bryer, he can write a memo that will tell the company's stakeholders on the importance of change to Nutrorim. He can call for meetings which will enlighten the workers on the new strategies and steps to be conducted to improve the company's performance (Garvin 18). Therefore, the solution for overcoming these obstacles depends on the willingness of the CEO to accept change and become a bold leader in the organization.

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