Describing an Object: Representations, Meaning, and Sight - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-30
Describing an Object: Representations, Meaning, and Sight - Essay Sample
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This paper is going to describe a certain object and critically show how different people have represented the object. The descriptive essay of this object will include how I understand the object and how other people understand it. The essay will also describe the importance of the object to others and how they understand when they see it and how this helps them to use their sense of sight. A narrative scenario will also be incorporated into the object description to explain scenarios in which my understanding of the object has been used. More narrative scenarios will also be used to show how different people understand and perceive the object.

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The object that has been selected for description is a ring. A ring is something that is mainly used in weddings and other non-romantic situations. According to my understanding, a ring represents friendship. Many people think of love or friendship when they just see a ring. This is because a ring is mainly used by people who are marrying or are in love. Therefore, when this object is presented to me, the first thing that I would think of is that there is a friendship between or among people who are wearing it. However, it is not a must for those wearing friendship ring to be in love.

In most cases, friendship rings are worn to show the bond that exists between two people who are not involved in a romantic relationship. Most people interpret rings to mean that the people who are wearing them are non-blood siblings or are in romantic relationship. However, this may have been true in the past generation but not in this 21st generation. Today, many people wear friendship rings to show appreciation, commitment, and support to each other. For instance, the celebration of the International Friendship Day, which takes place on every first Sunday of August involves many people who are related or not related exchanging rings as a sign of support and commitment, and appreciation to each other. Apart from just normal friendship, a ring can serve other purposes like showing a romantic relationship between a man and a woman. The ring in this scenario serves two purposes depending on gender. For a woman, it acts as a sign to men that they should not pursue her because she is already married while to a man, it symbolizes that women should respect him and his family by not falling in love with him. Although a ring can serve many purposes depending on who wears it, to me, it just symbolizes friendship and nothing more. Whether it is between non-blood siblings, blood siblings or just between couples, it is a friendship, and the ring creates that bond.

As mentioned earlier, a ring can be used in different scenarios. The first scenario is when blood siblings or just the family members use it as a way to show love, support to each other or as a sign of togetherness. Another scenario is when the ring is used by non-blood siblings or members of the society as a way to show appreciation and commitment to one another. In this scenario, friends want to show how they value their friendship and how each member is of significance to the existence of the friendship. They also use it as a reminder of their friendship to all the members involved. The last scenario that is of importance when understanding how the rings are used is in marriage. In all the marriages, the bride and bridegroom have to exchange rings, and this is a symbol of a friendship that exists between the two. The rings exchanged also act as a reminder that someone is married and therefore, should refrain from any form of intimacy outside the marriage or any form of self-harm.

The ring is also used by many people to symbolize eternity. A ring has a circular shape, and this means that it has no starting point or ending point. In this regard, the ring symbolizes the never-ending love between two people, specifically between a husband and his wife. Therefore, many people believe that a ring symbolizes a never-ending love when used between couples. That is why, in most cases, most wedding occasions use eternity rings to symbolize the never-ending love between man and wife. The wedding occasions, therefore, provides a good example of how other people think when they see a ring being used. People have the ability to think and make their own decisions, and therefore when different people are presented with the same object, they will think differently, and make different conclusions about the object that was presented. One cannot say that the other person is wrong as everyone's thinking and the direction they take makes sense to them. That is why, in this scenario of using a ring as a symbol, it will represent a friendship to some people like me, and symbolize eternity for others. All the same, no one is wrong as the two symbolisms used for the ring depict the say meaning.

In conclusion, people will perceive objects differently on sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. Whatever people perceive cannot be declared wrong by others as everyone has the freedom to think differently and perceive things differently. In the case of the object selected of a ring, I perceive it as a symbol of friendship. In contrast, others will perceive it as a symbol of eternity, especially when it comes to a romantic friendship between a man and a woman. In this case, no one is wrong; it all depends on the setting and the person who is describing the object.

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