Essay Sample on Daniil Trifonov Recital

Published: 2020-10-21
Essay Sample on Daniil Trifonov Recital
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At the age of twenty-four, Daniil Trinov has been a sensational pianist. His recitals and concerts have been the talk of London and the world at large. He has participated in several competitions within and outside London most of which he has won. He is among the few pianists in the world who are capable of playing the 12 of Liszts Transcendental Studies in one sitting and makes the experience of the crowd rewarding. His performances leave the audience speechless and entertained in that he does not produce ugly sounds during all the performances. Since winning in most of the competitions, Daniil has played with other world-renowned orchestras. He has played with orchestras in New York as well as Los Angeles. His fellow pianists have shown some admiration for the young chap and the powers of his fingers on the keys. One such performance that has left a lasting sensation in the hearts of many is the performance at the Carnegie Hall, New York in December 9th, the year 2014. This was one of his many exuberating performances he has done since his winning performances.

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On the night, Daniil played the Franz Liszt's arrangement of J.S. Bach's Fantasy and Fugue for organ in G Minor. Daniil began his recital by bowing down to the audience as a show of appreciation for his audience. His fugue danced on Daniils fingers with his theme starting from the register of Liszt's arrangement. His fantasy was reflected on his exclamations that opened his performance. He took a fast tempo at the beginning but changed the tempo to a slow one towards the end of the concert. At first, it was kind of hard to believe that he would sustain the long lines of melody. The opening theme was contended and built in such a way that the variations increased the excitement among the crowd. There are a few composite subdivisions in the first two variations which increase slowly during the third and fourth variations. His posture was unforgettable with his neck being horizontal at times and his fingers all over the keys on the piano with his nose just inches away from his fingers. He arched his wrists high while bending low at the same time.

Daniil went in with all he had with his stakes bidding for greatness. He showed braveness though at the beginning the recital was like a warm up for the pianist. He coordinated the programs transfigurations while taking the Liszt's transcriptions of the Bach Fantasia as well as the fugue in G minor. Then he continued to take on the Beethovens Opus 111 Sonata and finished with the Liszt Transcendental Etudes. To try and put the performance into perspective, Islam one of the most renowned difficult pieces of the recital one that is known to be challenging was tackled by Daniil. It was prowess in that Scriabin a pianist hurt himself as he tried to play the piece. There are only a few pianists that can play the Liszt's etudes, but Daniil talent on the piece is remarkable. Daniil viciously challenges the tones and using double octaves in the way that has never been seen before.

Daniils exhausting and amazing achievement was seen to be ambitious for a pianist with the kind of talent he possesses. According to most people, Daniil is one of the few pianists to have dared to play the dozen of Liszt etudes in full at the same venue. Daniils performance was not a case of talent gone mad rather; it was a prowess and distinct performance with a speed that was extremely visionary. The octaves he used were precise almost like those of anatomical detail of the muscles. Daniil in his performance evoked a distinct ambiance throughout his performance. The Mazeppa that he played remarkably noble to the extent of it being tragically valor.

In summary, Daniil was able to impress the audience and show his full potential. With talent and extreme devotion to his talent, he was able to meet the expectations of the audience. His introduction was daring and creative at the same time following the structure of the Liszt etudes. Daniil at his age is remarkable and more is expected from him soon. The world at large has their eyes on him to watch his career and see his achievements. With the applause from the audience, it was clear that he had wowed the audience with his remarkable performance. Daniil is full of energy, and this was portrayed in his performance in such ferocious way. His good concerts are portrayed true geniuses and people indeed were able to leap from their seats. This is simply because, with his knowledge of the transcendental etudes, he did not play all but programmed them in a way that brought about juxtaposition. The way he spun the double notes and the octaves were amazing showing what imaginative and refined beauty of the lyrics. All in all, Daniil has an amazing talent that if utilized properly will make him one of the most talented legends of all times.

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