Paper Example: Caring for the Elderly in Madrid, Spain (Fun Life at 80+)

Published: 2023-03-15
Paper Example: Caring for the Elderly in Madrid, Spain (Fun Life at 80+)
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Currently, the United States has several companies providing care to the elderly. In Madrid, Spain, however, there is a scarcity of similar services, which is a market opportunity. Fun Life at 80+ is a company based in Madrid, Spain, targeting to fill this void by providing care to the elderly. The company provides a diversified set of services to this target group, including babysitting, park walks, and other associated activities, including counseling and healthcare, to improve the quality of life. The company is developed on a mission, vision, and purpose that enables it to improve the quality of life of this group of people with only those above 80 targeted as the ideal population.

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Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Mission Statement

The nursing home emphasizes the handling of the personal needs of our residents and each family member that is under our care to provide them with a better daily experience. The reputation on which Fun Life at 80+ is formed is based on the presence of experts in handling nursing care for patients of various needs. The support system provided by our qualified team of personnel provides a satisfaction guarantee to our residents. Our commitment is to provide individualized, compassionate, and exceptional healthcare for the elderly in the community. The accomplishment of the above mission is based on the commitment of the organization to:

Fully ensure that the needs of the residents of the facility are met to challenge them to attain the most level of functionality on a personal level to enhance their daily experiences. Our goal is to provide an improvement in the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the residents to enhance their living.

Reliance on the best available nursing care, occupational, and physical therapy that is combined with better nutritional quality, exercising, community building, and recreational activities to enhance the life of the residents.

Vision Statement

The vision of our organization seeks to define the direction taken by the organization and the influence it has on the stakeholders. It defines the aspirations of the organization, with professionals handling responsibilities in the nursing home enabling the organization to meet its aspirations of inspiring action focused on the vision: The main vision is to the creation of an alive and vibrant community crafted on the lasting relationships that promote uniqueness in character and spirit of the residents. The vision of Fun Life at 80+ is based on the following commitments that include to:

  • Knowing the specific preferences and needs for each resident.
  • Fostering the creation of an environment that creates care that is loving and compassionate
  • Promoting human excellence and participation in active living at an advanced age for the residents
  • Ministering to the residents and focusing on identifying their basic needs including counselling and psychological support


Our main purpose at Fun Life at 80+ is to provide care and support for the elderly in their later years in life. Our purpose is developed based on the core values defined by CARES, which represent:

  • Compassion: Our company is committed to working based on the understanding of the needs, desires, and feelings of residents taking action to ensure their quality of life is enhanced.
  • Accountability: Integrity and honesty are encompassed under our services, with the two applied in the achievement of the outcomes of good and ethical care to those the organization serves.
  • Respect: As an organization providing human service, we are committed to ensuring respect for the value and dignity of our residents through the provision of supportive and respectful environments.
  • Excellence: Fostering improvement initiatives targeted at enhancing the quality of life of the residents served by the organization.
  • Safety: The creation of a culture that promotes safety for residents is part of the commitment of the organization through the incorporation of the ideal risks calculated to ensure decision-making is collaborative and informed to deliver a quality of living.

Target Market

Target Customers

The target market that Fun Life at 80+ targets is elderly with age being the main demographic elements that the company integrates into its market strategy. The company seeks to provide assisted living services to the elderly, looking at those above 80 years of age. The services offered by Fun Life at 80+ are not gender-specific as both male and female are catered for in the center. Also, the services are not based on culture, race, or religion. However, background information is important to enhance the tailoring of services to meet customer needs. Besides, the health status of the residents is also important to evaluate how to provide better and supportive care to enhance satisfaction. Besides, the available family members accessible immediately in case of any need is identified as the target group is less self-reliant.

Customer Challenges and Solutions

Customer challenges are an important part of the business as these enhance the quality of support and approach to handling customers. The elderly face a wide range of challenges while living as their life and health deteriorate. The costs are the first challenge that customers face. The majority of the residents have retired and have no active sources of income. The ability to meet costs will rely on insurance funding and other support groups seeking to provide help to the elderly. The family members and other associated persons to the residents will contribute a small percentage into the costs, as further illustrated in the financial aspects of this business plan. The second challenge of limited living is also another challenge for the elderly. The limitation in movements and space for the elderly due to their needs has affected their living in society. Fun Life at 80+ provides sufficient space for the living for the elderly groups. Less freedom is also afforded to the elderly in their normal homes. Fun Life at 80+ seeks to allow the residents more freedom to live their elderly lives freely. Boredom and isolation are some of the challenges faced by the elderly in their homes and under the care of their families. The company seeks to provide entertainment and engagement that eliminates boredom while promoting integration and activities that ensure there is no isolation of any members. The other challenges that residents in nursing homes face include the difficulties of living among other residents. In fights and conflicts have affected the standards of living. However, Fun Life at 80+ seeks to provide better integration of the members to ensure better living. Also, crowding within the facility is limited due to the availability of sufficient space. Lastly, the elderly face difficulties in making decisions for themselves as these age with behaviors like those of children. As part of the company responsible, supportive decision making is provided including the handling of the important decisions for the residents in support of their extended family members.

Human Resources

Staff Needs

The starting point in staff needs is the provision of an environment free from discrimination, unsafe working conditions, and harassment. The ability to meet the employee needs in all areas of their service is important in enabling better management and attainment of the organization's objectives. The ability to provide job satisfaction by ensuring competitive salaries that enable the organization to maintain competent employees is also considered in addition to the recognition of the unique set of skills provided by the personnel. Also, job satisfaction is important provided through other benefits to their working including accommodation and health insurance. In the facility, accommodation for the staff will enhance service delivery, which ensures that the residents obtain sufficient care.

Personnel and Experience

Fun Life at 80+ will need at least eight members of staff to start the organization and run operations effectively. Of these, the Director of Nursing (DON) is the leader of the facility, providing management and administrative duties in addition to providing support where necessary to the other staff in the facility. The Registered Nurse on duty is also an important part of the staff. Four registered nurses are required on duty at all times in addition to the DON. In handling the responsibilities in place, the extra three registered nurses provide support services based on the duty-based system in which each person works seven to eight hours. The above group also works seven days a week to ensure a sufficient number of staff is available at all times. Part of the staff needs includes a sufficient level of training and qualification in addition to the experience that supports them in handling their roles. In addition to the above, a support staff serving in the accounts department is also necessary to enhance the handling of the finances of the organization. The level of experience required of these is that they each have at least six years of working in a nursing home. However, the DON is required to have at least eight years of experience as a registered nurse in the field of nursing care for the elderly. For the nursing aides, a high school diploma or an equivalent of the same is required for one to handle the roles. The Registered Nurses, however, must be associates or possess a bachelor's degree in the field of nursing. Administrative professionals are required to have a technical degree in their respective fields, such as accounting and finance.

Skills Needed

Handling responsibilities within a nursing home will require that the personnel have a set of skills that provide them with the ability to meet the needs of the residents. The possession of strong interpersonal skills is important as these will interact with people daily. However, the possession of this skill alone is not sufficient as communication is mainly with the elderly and hence the need for patience and flexibility. Clinical skills are also important as the personnel will also handle cases needing clinical care. A person serving in the nursing home is also required to have a level of independence and initiative that allows them to provide quality services to the residents.

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