Cala Saona Beach Bliss: A Scenic Escape and Vibrant Experience - Free Paper

Published: 2024-01-30
Cala Saona Beach Bliss: A Scenic Escape and Vibrant Experience - Free Paper
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Cala Saona (Formentera) may be among the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether one visits the beach for recreational or vocational purposes, it is a guarantee to enjoy every single moment at the beach. Along the beach are some of the best five-star and executive hotels that visitors can stay in while enjoying their vacation or holidays at the beach. Dynasties Resort is the best-located hotel along the beach. The hotel has all of its rooms suited with a balcony that faces the beach. Each balcony of each room has a comfortable couch that its residents can sit on and enjoy the view from above.

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The view from the balcony of one of the rooms is the best sight one can enjoy. To begin with, just being at the balcony at any given moment comes with a relaxation sensation that is brought about by the cool breezes that blow from the sea. Calm winds that are blown from the sea cool off the balcony in a harmonizing way. Mostly dressed in beach clothes that are loose and hanging, the winds softly blow through the clothes of anyone seated on the balcony. The cold winds act as the thermo-regulators since the average beach climate is warm. The balconies are fully tiled; hence stepping on the floor barefoot makes the body cooler as one is enjoying the view.

From the balconies, one is spoilt for choice over what to view or observe since there are a lot of activities taking place ranging from the beach to the sea beyond. While on the balcony, one hears melodies and sounds of different birds chirping in the nearby palm trees. With summer being the season that most birds mate, different calls from different species of birds looking for mates mix up in the air to give a relaxing melody to the ears. Some of the birds have built their nests on the balcony tops and regularly come on the nest giving one an up-close view of the beautiful birds as they fly in and out of their nests.

Directly below the hotel, on the beach, white sand covers the whole place. Fine and soft sand is the type of sand on the Cala Saona beach hence most of those on vacation prefer to walk barefoot to enjoy the soft texture of the sand. People walk around the beach enjoying the environment. Couples, especially, walk hand in hand having their intimate conversations. Also, along the beach, there are set-aside pitches for beach volleyball. People can be seen tossing the ball over the net as they enjoy their vacation with joyous faces. Children are also seen building sandcastles near the sea. Often the wind blows sea waves over the beach and destroys the sandcastles the children make.

Looking beyond is the beautiful wide blue sea. Some numerous canoes and motorboats are taking tourists and visitors for rides. There are also people engaging in harpooning of fish a bit further on the beach. Kingfisher birds can also be seen diving in and out of the sea in their attempt to catch the fish that come to the surface to feed on particles afloat. The air around the beach is also filled up with various aromatic scents from the many barbecues that people prepare at the seaside. Also, beachside food stands fill the air with lots of sweet scents. The Cala Saona beach has all any beach visitor would imagine experiencing during his/her vacation. It is the most welcoming and gorgeous beach.

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