Personal Essay Sample: Boston Marathon Reflection on Patriotism

Published: 2020-04-27
Personal Essay Sample: Boston Marathon Reflection on Patriotism
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15th April 2013 will forever remain in my mind, not because of the evil that occurred when two explosives went off near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon, but because of the patriotism that the Americans showed to the world. I had just joined Red Cross as a volunteer for one year when this awful moment occurred. Some few moments after the bombs exploded, I and my fellow Red Cross team went at the spot immediately to do our duty. Other role players such as National Guards and the Police were already by the time we arrived. People did not care if the third bomb was waiting; they became selfless, kind and demonstrated some unity that I had not seen there before.

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His honorable President Barrack Obama was on the frontline to encourage people to unite together in helping individuals who were affected. He gave a strong and encouraging speech that played a critical role in uniting the Americans. He condemned the perpetrators and promised the nation that the attackers will be brought to justice. President Obama went on praising the patriotism, heroism, kindness, love and generosity that people demonstrated.

Everyone did what they could do best to help. The rescue team was giving their support; we worked hand-in-hand with them giving first aid to the injured. I was surprised by a large number of people who came to donate blood and giving other material help. The leaders were not left behind. They played their role by giving uniting speeches that assured the citizens that justice will be done. They constantly encouraged the Americans to portray their finest virtues even as we were confronted by the worst of the human nature. While addressing the press, Boston Governor Deval Patrick said: There is something about the Americans that cause them to come together at times like this: faithful citizenship His words inspired an immense feeling and for sure everybody just got together giving the contributing and helped they could.

Even at its worst, Boston event triggered a patriotic feeling, uniting all the people to care for the neighbors and strangers. They demonstrated their true goodness and aggression worth defending the country against the enemies. It is incredible how people put their differences aside and came together to show the world that the Americans are inherently good people who hate evil and do not allow the enemy to set them apart. Even the political rivalry was set aside, and every political leader was preaching the same gospel peace.

President Obamas speech became the reference point, and it inspired confidence. He denounced the attackers as evil and cowards, and he hailed the response of the Americans. There was no chance for people to start pointing fingers at each other. Instead, people were busy comforting the affected and being on their sides to give them support. The true patriotism that I witnessed on that particular day was one of its kinds.

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