Borderland problems and ways forward

Published: 2022-12-06
Borderland problems and ways forward
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Borderlands can be described as the area around the boundaries of two nations. In most cases, it happens that these regions have a blend of cultures owing to the diversity of people living in the area. However, these areas do not miss their fair share of criticism as well as challenges that originate from the individual nations. It happens that gangs, drugs as well as militia are some of the underlying issues in these areas. While some nations have to deal with issues of human trafficking and illegal immigration within their borders, others have border disputes to settle (Innes, Campion and Griffiths, 2005). There exists a wide range of problems in these particular regions which primarily result in a humanitarian crisis. Regardless of the unending challenges in the borderlands, there still exist options that can help to settle the particular disputes and bring sanity to the particular regions.

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One of the areas that have experienced a multitude of these problems in the US-Mexico border. For the longest time now, there has been a crisis in this region mostly brought about by the arrogance of Mexican nationals. As it is now, a substantial number of illegal immigrants in the US gained access through the Mexico border. The movement in the border has led to the influx of drug trafficking activities in American soil. Drugs are the main reason why most youths are living a distracted life. At the same time, there is an increase in criminal activities which are associated with the Mexican immigrants. The gangs are terrorizing the residents as well as introducing the youths to criminal activities. It is because of these problems experienced in these regions that the US government has drafted in measures to deal with the immigrants. Unfortunately, it is mostly the children and women who suffer victims to these measures since they are the people escaping hostility in Mexico (Segura and Zavella, 2007). Apart from the deployment of soldiers who often appear to mistreat the victims, there is a proposal of a border wall which may never work owing to the backlash it has received from the community.

In as much the American-Mexico borderland has issues, they are minimal as compared to other nations that have to deal with border disputes. Unlike in the above case where there is only one set of forces, border disputes involve forces from both nations. An excellent example of these border disputes is that of India and Pakistan. The original boundary was created by the British who were the colonial masters. However, since then, there has been a crisis especially in the Kashmir area (Roy, 2012). The crisis has become more serious due to the diplomatic wars that have emerged in the recent past. Most recently, there was some war between the two nations of the border. At some point, some armed men attacked Indian soldiers guarding the border. In response, the Indian government sent fighter jets into the Pakistan air space which were in turn short down and a pilot was arrested although later released. When such a border crisis occurs, there are likely to be casualties who are mostly children and women.

The other common borderland problem is the scramble for available resources and wealth. This has primarily been experienced in most parts of the African continent. For some reason, nations have been unable to come into a suitable agreement on the best ways to share the resources located in the boundary. The scramble does not have to be between neighboring nations but to communities as well. This is the scenario that has been experienced in Nigeria due to the presence of oil-rich fields. Unfortunately, the fights have derailed any economic development. Similar battles have been witnessed in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has gone as far as the Central African Republic (Mugovera, 2016). The situation in DRC is worse owing to the Ebola crisis that is eminent in the nation. The armed militia is destroying medical camps aimlessly eventually affecting children and women. The militia is primarily young men who have been radicalized perhaps due to lack of parental care. Uganda has also been affected by this militia since they share a border with the DRC.

It is unfortunate that in the 21st century, the world continues to struggle with borderland issues. If anything, most of these problems can be avoided. The problem in the US-Mexico border requires adequate measure other than the wall which does not solve it in any way. It is upon the US to help Mexico grow its economy thus creating jobs for the youth. This will discourage them from the menace of drug trafficking and having to look for jobs in the US. At the same time, the border crisis that exists in nations such as India Pakistan can best be solved through diplomatic talks other than the deadly strikes. Talks will promote peace and save lives. The same case applies to areas where the resources are the source of conflicts. There has to be an illustration of how the resources are to be shared. On the other end, youths are radicalized to join the militia groups due to lack of employment. Creating jobs for such youths will, therefore, help reduce crime rates and the emergence of gangs. The result of all these measures will be a peaceful coexistence among neighboring nations and communities.

The problem of drugs, gangs and armed militia have made life in the borderlands a bit difficult. The US-American border is an excellent example to show that one society can destroy the other through gangs and drugs. The situation in the India-Pakistan border is no different as the two have been involved in both diplomatic and physical war. Resource motivated wars are the other issue common in Africa particularly Nigeria and DRC. However, when approached with caution, all these differences can be settled making life in the borders relatively easy. Job creation for youth is vital to end the tendency of young people forming criminal gangs. On the same note, it is upon the United Nations to ensure that all border points are clearly defined to avoid any future disputes.


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